Leaked iOS 14.3 Icon Hints at What Apple AirPods Studio Over-the-Ear Headphones Could Look Like

Apple AirPods Studio icon spotted in iOS 14.3. (Image Credit: MacRumours)

Apple AirPods Studio icon spotted in iOS 14.3. (Image Credit: MacRumours)

An iOS 14.3 Find My app video also showed icons depicting a backpack and a set of luggage, which are said to be related to AirTags item trackers.

Apple's AirPods Studio over-the-ear headphones and Tile-like item trackers AirTags are two highly anticipated products from the Cupertino-based giant. Information about both the AirPods Studio headphones and AirTags trackers has been circulating since months. Now, hints for both the products have been found in iOS 14.3 beta that was briefly released by Apple on Thursday before being pulled. Both the AirPods Studio and Apple AirTags were widely expected to launch in 2020, but did not see the light of the day in any of the four Apple events this year.

An icon of the AirPods Studio over-the-ear headphones was found in iOS 14.3 by MacRumours contributor Steve Moser. The icon was seen in a pairing video in the Find My app in iOS 14.3 beta and hinted at what the AirPods Studio could look like, since it doesn't depict any Apple headphones currently in the market. The icon shows a deep oval shaped earcups and what appears to be a padded band, similar to what some previous leaks of Apple's speculated over-the-ear headphones have suggested. This is not the first time an AirPods Studio icon has been spotted in an iOS code. In May, 9to5Mac had reported that an AirPods Studio icon was spotted in the iOS 14 code (before iOS 14 was launched). However, that icon looked quite different from the one spotted in iOS 14.3, as it had then showed a standard over-the-ear headphone with padded cups in a grey or white colour (depending on iOS theme).

The iOS 14.3 Find My app video spotted by MacRumours also shows icons depicting a backpack and a set of luggage. The report says that these icons could very well be related to Apple's AirTags item trackers. Apple's AirTags have also been hinted in Apple's software several times in the last few months.

Both the AirTags and AirPods Studio over-the-ear headphones were expected to arrive in 2020, however, neither saw the light of the day in any of the events and presentation hosted by Apple this year. The Cupertino-based giant unveiled its Apple M1 Silicon-powered MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and iMac Mini earlier this week on November 10.

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