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LG Dual Screen Phone Teaser Hints at Foldable Angles of Upcoming Smartphone

LG Dual Screen Phone Teaser Hints at Foldable Angles of Upcoming Smartphone

A previous teaser for the LG dual-screen phone also hinted at a fold-out design, and rumours expect it to be the LG V60 ThinQ.

Earlier today, LG shared a new, 15-second teaser for its IFA 2019 event, which is slated to take place in September. Like its previous teaser, this too hinted at a smartphone that appears to be a dual-display one. Furthermore, both the teasers have hinted at a design that might be LG's take on the foldable display smartphone. While things still remain cryptic even with the new teaser, there is some new information that has surfaced from the teaser released today — foldable degrees of the screen in question.

According to the LG teaser released on YouTube, the clockwork arm shows two numbers — 104° and 180°. To make matters more interesting, the teaser shows an animated clock arm switch from its 6 o'clock position to 12 o'clock, showing a full 180° fold-out. If this hint is anything to go by, it is likely that LG's new smartphone will feature a dual-display area when folded out, and can be folded inward to simply resemble a smartphone. While it is not yet clear, we cannot entirely negate the possibility that the foldable phone will feature a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with an external display unit on the outside showing necessary information.

LG has often been at the forefront of smartphone design — it attempted to adopt the curved display format with the LG G4, while the subsequent LG G5 tried its hand at a modular smartphone design. While none really took off, LG still represents an interesting niche in the industry that comes up with technologies before they become mainstream. While the company would not become the first to show a foldable display, expectations would run high to see if LG succeeds in pulling off the foldable display design and durability test — something that Samsung has so far failed to pass, and there is still no word on where Huawei's foldable Mate X is, at the moment.

Nevertheless, everything should be clarified when LG and its team takes to the IFA Berlin stage on Friday, September 6. Until then, watch LG's trailer to see if you can decipher more cryptic clues from it.

PS: Be sure to let us know, if you do.