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Lockdown Diaries: Here’s How You Can Play Ludo King With Your Friends Online and Offline

Ludo King.

Ludo King.

Relive the good old days of board games by trying out Ludo in a new digital avatar that can be played among 2-4 players online or offline.

The onset of coronavirus pandemic has confined people within their houses. While most of them are engaging in some fun activities to spend time, there is a set of group who are keeping themselves glued to online games. One of the most popular board games that have kept people busy at this time is Ludo King. In fact, the digital version of Ludo has given a tough competition to PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty in terms of fan following.

The multiplayer game is available on both Android as well as Apple phones. You can download it by heading to the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Ludo King is an easy to play board game. It is played just like the physical game, where the player rolls the dice and moves their token according to the number on the dice.

The online board game can be played between two to four players. Each player has four tokens. One has to safeguard its tokens from other players, while it has to kill the tokens of other players. The first player to get all his four tokens to center of the board wins the game, followed by second, third and fourth position. It is to be noticed that one can get the token out of the house only if the dice rolls to six. However, rolling the dice to six for three consecutive terms would skip their turn.