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Lonewolf Game Review: Mobile Sniper Game With a Refreshing Twist

Lonewolf Sniper Game Review.
(Image: News18.com)

Lonewolf Sniper Game Review. (Image: News18.com)

One can expect regular missions, attractive rifles and plenty of targets to kill from an average sniper game. This, however, is not the case with Lonewolf as it takes things up a notch with a 'revenge' story and tough-to-beat missions. Read to find more about this one-of-a-kind Sniper game.

First-person shooting games have been a craze since time immemorial in the world of gaming. Though it was brought to the mainstream by the world renowned games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, the origins can be traced back to a game many loved playing in their childhood days. Yes, we are talking about the famous ‘Duck Hunt’ here, which by the way, was also a technological wonder of its time. Video game gears like the PlayStation Kinect, which are prominent now just look to be a refurbished version of the technology available at the time of Duck Hunt.

As the gaming gears have evolved over the years, so have the basic fundamentals of shooting games. Today’s games focus on giving you a much stronger reason to shoot at those ‘ducks’. One such game that we have been playing since the last couple of days is ‘Lonewolf’. The mobile based game is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Here is our experience with the game and the reason why it is different from all those regular sniper games available out there.

What’s Cool?

Lonewolf is a completely out-of-the-box first person sniper game and the credit goes to its immersive storyline. FDG Entertainment, the developers of the game, have played smart and used basic ‘comic’ graphics for an illustrious story. The way the story of the lead character has been portrayed and coupled with the actual gameplay is a unique experience in itself.

In the game, you get to control Lonewolf, a hitman who is out for revenge on a Mafia boss who killed his family. A total of 35 missions in the game make you try out rifles, sniper rifles and pistols through various life-ages of the lead character. Limited but enough number of weapons are available in the game. This is a huge relief from the endless number of characters or accessories in any other game that pushes you towards that ‘gotta try em all’ feeling.

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A big plus is that the game does not require an Internet connection to play, meaning complete accessibility to the game even in the absence of cellular networks. The layout of the game has been kept very simplistic. Simple options will guide you through the home page to the shooting range, mini-games or the regular story mode.

The gameplay is mostly seen through a sniper’s scope, which you can move by dragging your finger anywhere on the screen. Zoom-in zoom-out options are on the side, along with the trigger to shoot. Little additions in the game make it more interesting, like the breathing of the sniper that makes the crosshair move periodically. This, the flowing wind, distance from the target and the situational analysis have to be taken into account to complete a mission. All in all, the game is challenging and requires a strategic approach to get through it.

The game is free to download and has in-app purchases, all of which is accessible at a price of Rs 120. The best part is, the game can still be played to the end without going for the premium content.

What’s not so cool?

Since the developers have gone for a simplistic and minimalistic approach towards the game, one cannot expect any high-level graphics from it. Yet there are little additions that could have made the game better, like slow motion movement capture of the bullet once it is fired. Now in Lonewolf, you can hold the trigger to slow things down, but it doesn’t give the same feeling as that in many basic sniping games, like Sniper 3D.

Also, the free version of the game has a whole lot of ads popping up on it. Such numerous and ill-timed advertisements are a complete menace to the overall experience of the game. There are times when the ads appear even before you see your fired bullet hit or miss the mark.

The total game size of the Lonewolf is only 69.22MB (Android) and 89.5MB (iOS), so one would expect it to run smoothly on any device with an average firepower. Yet there have been a couple of occasions when the game has completely crashed.


Lonewolf certainly managed to impress us with its amazing scripting, captive background music and the smooth and crisp gameplay. Not for once did we feel that the game is getting repetitive or boring.

So for those who like first-person shooting games and are fans of movies made around the idea like ‘American Sniper’ and ‘Shooter’, this game is highly recommended.

first published:August 23, 2017, 12:32 IST