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Major WhatsApp Dark Mode Update: Does Your Phone Run Android 9 or Older OS?

Edited By: Chhavianshika Singh


Last Updated: December 04, 2019, 09:48 IST

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

Smartphone users running Android 9 or older will receive this new feature with WhatsApp's Dark Mode roll-out.

The WhatsApp Dark Mode has been in the pipeline for a long time now, and even though the world's most popular instant messaging app has not given any official updates on the roll-out dates for its most-awaited feature yet, it has been spotted in many beta updates of late. While no one can say how long WhatsApp will take to perfect the Dark Mode, we do have one major update at this time. For users with Android 9 or older versions of the Android operating system on their phones, WhatsApp's Dark Mode feature will be automatically tied to their smartphones' battery levels. That is, the Dark Mode will be automatically enabled when your smartphone is running on low battery and disabled when it has enough charge. This will in most likelihood replace the default system-wide Dark Mode option (since Android 9 or older versions currently do not support the Dark Mode update). This feature will most probably be called “set by battery saver”.

Since Android 10 supports the system-wide Dark Mode update, users need not worry as their devices will change colour-scheme based on their chosen theme (Light/Dark). Android 9 users, on the other hand, will get to choose between three options: 'Set by Batter Saver', 'Light Mode', and 'Dark Mode'. Unfortunately, we still have no confirmation on the release date as yet. Besides Dark Mode, WhatsApp has also been in the news for a bunch of other interesting features such as 'Self-Destructing Messages', 'Hide Muted Status', 'Multiple Device Support', and more.