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MapmyIndia Is Helping The Government Deliver COVID Vaccine Centre Search Results On Co-WIN

MapmyIndia Is Helping The Government Deliver COVID Vaccine Centre Search Results On Co-WIN

The Co-WIN portal and app also uses MapmyIndia maps to deliver the COVID vaccination center results. The MapmyIndia app now also has the complete list of vaccination centers along with turn-by-turn navigation.

Indian digital mapping and location-based technology company MapmyIndia has released an update for the MapmyIndia navigation app that now lists all the COVID-19 vaccine centers in India. In fact, the Government of India’s official COVID vaccine registration portal, cowin.gov.in, also uses the MapmyIndia Maps and APIs to deliver the search results and information to users who want to register for the vaccine. Today, the government initiated the second phase of COVID-19 vaccinations in the country and has stated that citizens will be able to register for a slot at the nearest vaccination center, either via the Co-WIN app or website. The Co-WIN app is currently available only for Android phones, though the website is available for everyone on mobile devices and PCs.

“We are thankful to the Government of India for integrating MapmyIndia’s Maps APIs and technologies into the official corona vaccine registration website and app, cowin.gov.in, to enable the crores of citizens, who will log in, to be able to find nearby vaccine centres. This represents the best of AtmaNirbhar Bharat – a partnership between indigineous public and private sector organisations – to leverage world-class, indigenous technologies to enable Ease of Living and enhance efficiencies for the country,” says Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia. He also emphasizes that users can write their reviews and experiences as well as report issues they face at the vaccination centers, something that can help authorities get feedback.

The way you can access this Coronavirus vaccine centre data is either by downloading the MapmyIndia maps app for Android phones or the Apple iPhone or also access it on a web browser at maps.mapmyindia.com. You can also get all the information on cowin.gov.in website. You will need to enter a location or your address and then select the search for vaccination centers to get the details of the ones nearest to you. If you use the MapmyIndia app on your phone, you can also get turn-by-turn navigation to reach the vaccination center. MapmyIndia emphasises that users can search nearby vaccine centres across any city, town or village in India using MapmyIndia Maps, and even use a particular house address. This is “the most comprehensive and hyper local search useful to all Indians across urban and rural India,” says the company.

MapmyIndia’s App, powered by MapmyIndia Maps and APIs, was the winner of AatmaNirbhar App Challenge organized by the Government of India, last year. The company has pushed the MapmyIndia navigation platform as the Atmanirbhar alternative to some more commonly used navigation apps, made by global tech and navigation companies. Through last year, MapmyIndia has added COVID focused features to the app, including the real-time updating information about containment zones, testing centers and more.

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