MapMyIndia Launches eLoc - A National Digital Address System Using 6 Character Codes

Representative Image.
(Image: REUTERS/Arko Datta)

Representative Image. (Image: REUTERS/Arko Datta)

Users can simply visit the MapMyIndia website and get this code for their preferred location.

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MapMyIndia has launched a nationwide digital address system called eLoc to help the country’s citizens with a more accurate and easy to use address information.

eLoc is essentially a 6 character alphanumeric code which is unique for any address in India.

Users can simply visit the MapMyIndia website and get this code for their preferred location. Subsequently, anyone having this code for an area can look for the exact place on the map by entering the number on the MapMyIndia website.

The step comes as a great relief for logistics and transportation services as the eLoc eliminates the need of using addresses in the long and complex form in which they are in India.

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The company claims it to be precise to the doorstep, though no information about the range of each 6 character code is shared.

MapMyIndia also provides reviews, a list of neighbourhood amenities and photos of the location marked by the eLoc codes.

The eLocs cover buildings, flats, residences, properties, businesses, houses, offices, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc across the urban and rural setup.

MapMyIndia has given the users a free access to over 2 crore of such eLocs.

It also plans to use them for governance and administration purposes. The company is planning to share the information with various public and private sector firms for their use. It is already working with firms like Airtel, Colgate, Flipkart, OLX and more.

Such technology can also help in drastically reducing emergency response time by providing accurate locations without the need of the entire address.

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