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Meet Esteem by Zebronics; Your New Travel Buddy

Meet Esteem by Zebronics; Your New Travel Buddy

Why carry six different products when you can carry just one?

What if I told you there is one gadget which is a Bluetooth speaker, a charger for your phone, a LED torch and a portable radio? Exciting, right?

Here is good news for all the travel & adventure junkies, Zebronics has launched a 6-1 external power charger called ‘Esteem’. But don’t go by the ‘external power charger’ tag as this one is much more than just being a power charger.

Esteem is a portable device that is designed like a small dumbbell (much much lighter of course).

With this 6 in 1 product, you can:

Charge Your Phone

Charge on the go with the power bank which comes with 2000mAh capacity. It's little less keeping in mind the usage we have these days with our phone but it can provide a quick charge and keep your phone alive for another few hours. You just have to connect the cable and push the power button to start using it.

Use The LED Torch

If you are camping, trekking or even out for a night stroll on your bicycle, Esteem is the product to go for as it comes with an LED torch as well and at times can be quiet handy. Just push the power button and you are good to go to use it.

Listen to Your Favourite Songs, Stream Music Wirelessly

A Bluetooth speaker is always on the list of things to carry while you are out on your travels. Esteem fits in your must-carry list. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and listen in to your favourite songs through YouTube and other channels. The sound is not loud enough for you to have a party, but in case you are in the mood to play up a few tunes in a relatively quiet surroundings, Esteem does the job pretty well.

Play Music Through SD Card

Keeping in mind the network connectivity, there is no harm in keeping a backup. You can store all your favourite songs in an SD card and play it directly through Esteem. Esteem hosts an SD card slot through which you can stream in your songs.The LED Torch flap can be opened to charge or for SD Card insert.

Micro SD Max size: 32GB.

Go Cycling

Esteem also comes with a bicycle mount and it can be used to mount it on the handlebar. On one end there is a bright LED torch and on the other end is a conically designed speaker. So if you are planning to go out for a bicycle ride alone, Esteem can be your companion through the journey.

Esteem comes with a price tag of Rs 1449 and a one year warranty. Overall the product looks quite handy and useful - why carry six different products when you can carry just one.

first published:January 23, 2018, 15:36 IST