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Meet The Top FinTech Influencers in India

   (Image: REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev)

(Image: REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev)

So here is a list of top FinTech influencers in India based on their Klout score.

The FinTech industry has been on a rapid growth since the past few years. This has attracted some of the top minds around the globe towards this industry.

As a result, the traditional players, along with numerous recently emerged startups have brought about a complete change in how the industry operates.

The investors too quickly got a taste of the growth scope and wanted to grab on to the opportunity.

From all these personalities, some have a very impactful presence on online platforms. Hence a list has been generated, ranking them on their Klout score.

Klout score, in general, describes the online influence of a person. The data for this score is collected from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other online sources.

So here is a list of top FinTech influencers in India based on their Klout score.

1. Vijay Shekhar Sharma: Founder and CEO of Paytm Mobile Solutions Private Limited.

PayTM Mobile Solutions brought some revolutionary changes in the FinTech world with the introduction of its digital wallet option. Today PayTM enjoys catering to a monthly active user base of more than 80 million.

Twitter Followers: 94,500, Klout Score: 78

2. Aman Narain: CEO of BankBazaar International. Former Global Head of Digital Banking for Standard Chartered.

In Standard Chartered, Aman was responsible for all direct to consumer channels, including Online, Mobile & ATM’s. He also had to manage all internal digital channels and social media.

Twitter Followers: 1,389; Klout Score: 61

3. Suvodeep Das: VP Marketing at Sodexo SVC India, Formerly led Greenlight Planet’s marketing, communication, channel expansion and global innovation.

As VP marketing at Sodexo, Suvodeep runs marketing & communication, product launch & also anchors the brand’s Digital transformation.

Twitter Followers: 7,173; Klout Score: 59

4. Shwetank Verma: innovator at MetLife,

As an innovator, Shwetank is in charge of finding new revenue opportunities. He also has to focus on the application of new technologies (VR/AI) in digital health and FinTech.

Twitter Followers: 2,226; Klout Score: 52

5. Tejasvi Mohanram: founder & CEO of RupeePower

RupeePower currently serves over US $2 Billion of credit to 350,000 customers in India.

Twitter Followers: 322; Klout Score: 48

6. Manish Agarwal: Vice President Interactive & Innovation at Kotak

Manish joined Kotak Mahindra Bank in 2007 with an objective to strategize the use of Internet & Mobile in every aspect of business and also create a visibly different brand identity.

Twitter Followers: 380; Klout Score: 43

7. Yosh Gupta: Founder & CEO of LafaLafa

LafaLafa is one of the leading cashback and coupon website in India. It hands out extra cashback to customers for online shopping.

Twitter Followers: 1,055; Klout Score: 41
first published:February 02, 2017, 20:15 IST