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Mi A3 Android 10 Update — When You Can Expect it (PS: It's Within a Month)

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has been in the spotlight recently, with its users fuming over the over-delayed Android 10 update and no clear timeline issued as yet.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has been in the spotlight recently, with its users fuming over the over-delayed Android 10 update and no clear timeline issued as yet.

With the Mi A3 being part of the Android One programme, users are understandably upset about Xiaomi's delay in rolling out the update.

The Mi A3's Android 10 update will go down as a botched effort on Xiaomi's Android upgrade record books. Apart from its specifications and pricing, one of the key attractions of the smartphone was Android One — a programme that promises to offer the best of Google's services and an experience of Android the way Google imagined it. With fast and regular updates being one of the things that Google imagined, it is understandable why many users of the Mi A3 have been left upset — to a point where it even has an ongoing Change.org petition targeted at Xiaomi India MD Manu Kumar Jain, with nearly 8,500 signatures on it at the time of this report being published.

Adding further salt to the wound is the fact that the likes of the Nokia 6.1, which is a fellow Android One smartphone, have received the Android 10 update already. With noise gradually building up to potential furore, Xiaomi announced in January this year that the latest Android 10 OS update will be released for the Mi A3 by mid-February. That deadline, however, seems to have passed, with the clock ticking over towards the end of February. Over the past couple of days, reports of the update rolling out to select Mi A3 devices started doing the rounds on the internet. However, those screenshots were quickly debunked as fake, with many ascertaining that they were edited screenshots of the Android 10 update rolling out to the Mi A3's predecessor, the Mi A2.

Following this, it was further reported that the update has since been delayed to March, with a blog post citing a tweet by Xiaomi France's Twitter handle. Xiaomi India was also reported to have revealed similar details in response to a user's tweet, stating that the Coronavirus outbreak in China has caused a delay in the update's rollout, which sounds reasonable. However, News18 could not find the tweet, which for some reason appears to have been deleted at this moment. Interestingly, though, the same user who was mentioned in the now-deleted Xiaomi tweet has shared a screenshot on Twitter that hints at the update rolling out soon.

According to the user's question of when the update would roll out, Xiaomi's India support handle on Twitter apparently replied, "The update is rolled out in batches, once your device is rolled out for the update you will receive a notification on the same." News18 could not verify the authenticity of this screenshot. However, the tweet makes no mention of a possible release date for the Android 10 update for Mi A3 — instead, it only alludes to a phased rollout, which is not unusual. This coincides with reports of the update presently being in closed beta circles, which brings us back to a speculated release date some time in March, for the update.

NotebookCheck also noted that an unofficial, user-hosted thread labelled 'Mi A3 Android 10 Bug Megathread' was made live on Xiaomi's forums for a short while, before being deleted for some reason. With these clues strewn around, it can be assumed that the Android 10 update for the Mi A3 will be introduced some time soon for sure. However, before an update is rolled out, it typically goes through multiple rounds of alpha and beta circle bug tests, followed by network tests to ensure seamless functioning once it is rolled out to the public. With Xiaomi's primary developer team based in China, and the alarming Coronavirus outbreak in the country, it is possible that the update is delayed for such reasons.

Xiaomi has not appeared to have made an official statement regarding the update in recent days. With all of this information at hand, we can only conclude that the Mi A3 Android 10 update is certainly in works, and most likely at a fairly advanced stage as well. A rollout date some time in March seems to be the best bet, so if you are a Mi A3 user, the best you can do is to hold tight and wait for the update, which should be coming your way within a month's time at the most.