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Mi Mix 2 is Coming to India: Confirms Xiaomi Senior VP

Xiang Wang, Senior Vice President - Xiaomi.
(Image: Sarthak Dogra/ News18.com)

Xiang Wang, Senior Vice President - Xiaomi. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/ News18.com)

In an interview with Xiaomi Senior Vice President - Xiang Wang, we found out how the company plans to bring its flagship products to India and what other plans the company has for its biggest market.

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Mix 2 as its latest flagship and the bezel-less design of the smartphone, along with its top-of-the-line firepower has certainly raised many eyebrows across the globe. The Mi Mix 2 has been one of the most anticipated devices for the year 2017 and naturally, the question arises, whether or not the device will reach the Indian shore. Yes, it will, confirms Xiang Wang, Xiaomi Senior Vice-president.

In an interview, Wang clarified “India and China are our top markets and as per that, the team at Xiaomi India gets the maximum support from us. We are further building on our resources in India to cater to the large demand of our products and to further expand our portfolio in the country.”

When asked as to why the premium Xiaomi product line-up is not offered in India, he replied “We are working extensively towards increasing the capacity of our high-tier products. We plan on bringing more of the Mi ecosystem products to the country. As of now, the Mi Mix 2 will be coming to India soon.”

Wang further added to this “As for the Mi Notebooks, we are currently doing extensive market research in India to know the requirements of our consumers better. For the same, we organized a delegation from China headquarters that went to India in order to know the market better.”

Apart from India and China, Xiaomi is looking to expand its reach to a host of other countries. “We are targeting many more markets like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Mexico and others. We are concentrated on establishing an offline retail chain in Russia (where the market is much different than in China and India, as it is mostly offline). In Mexico, we are already shipping our existing product line-up, without any customizations. This is again, very different as we customize our products for the Indian market to better suit the local requirement.”

Wang mentioned “It is difficult to cater to the large demand for our products in the market. We have limited resources and that limits the outsourcing of our flagship products. We are also working hard towards meeting the demand for our budget offerings in the market.”

Xiaomi recently came up with an Android One device as well, in the form of Mi A1. We asked Wang why the company went for a new device instead of bringing the Android One experience to its already successful and cheaper Redmi series. Wang clarified “We wanted to provide the best of Android One experience to our users. For that, we had to offer the best-in-class specifications in our smartphone and hence we opted for a completely new and a better device for the Android One experience.”

Interestingly, Xiaomi India MD also tweeted recently that the Mi Mix 2 will be coming to India. All said and done, it is refreshing to know that the premium offerings by the company will finally see the light of day in the country. More number of choices is always better for the end user.

first published:September 12, 2017, 08:52 IST