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Microsoft Edge 79 Brings Improvement to Tracking Prevention on Web

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Last Updated: December 04, 2019, 18:45 IST

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Microsoft Edge 79 blocks more types of trackers and by maintaining compatibility on the web.

Microsoft is rolling out Microsoft Edge version 79, which improves tracking prevention feature on the web. Taking to their blog, the company had earlier mentioned that they are experimenting with ways to improve the mode by providing greater privacy support by default. Microsoft has now announced that they are doing it in two ways through Microsoft Edge 79. Firstly, by blocking more types of trackers and secondly by maintaining compatibility on the web. Edge’s tracking prevention feature is powered by Disconnect’s tracking protection lists, which has resulted in Microsoft Edge 79 blocking 25 percent more trackers than Microsoft Edge 78.

Also, the update maintains compatibility on the web because Microsoft found out that blocking more categories of trackers could disrupt web workflows like federated login or embedded social media content. According to Microsoft, they have learned through experiments that they can manage the tradeoffs by relaxing tracking prevention for organizations with which a user already has a relationship. Subsequently, they said, they have “developed an on-device logic that combines users’ personal site engagement scores with the observation that some organizations own multiple domains that they use to deploy functionality across the web".

However, according to Windows, the compatibility mitigation only applies to balanced mode. Strict mode, on its part, will continue to block the largest set of trackers. Microsoft Edge team explained in the blog post that the end result is the ability for Edge to block trackers without disturbing users. They wrote, "Leveraging site engagement also allows us to only unblock content that is likely to be important to you and reflects your current needs".