Microsoft is Quietly Pushing Bing Search to Your Android Phone Via Outlook

Microsoft is Quietly Pushing Bing Search to Your Android Phone Via Outlook

Certain Android users are reporting that the Bing search feature visible even if they don't have the app installed on their phone.

If you are an Android user, chances are that you rely heavily on Google Search to get your job done instead of using some third-party search engine. Needless to say, this has made it difficult for competitors like Microsoft and others to convince users to try their services. Having said that, despite losing the search war to Google, Microsoft reportedly added Bing Search to its Outlook app on Android and that has reportedly caused a certain problem.

The issue here is that the search feature is not limited to the Outlook app and is available system-wide. As pointed out by a post on the Pixel Phone Help Page, if you are using Microsoft Outlook on your Android smartphone, Microsoft is cleverly adding the Bing Search option into the long-press context menu. Moreover, once you once tap it, you will see your default browser opening up with a Bing search query. Interestingly, this is happening irrespective of whether you have installed the Bing app on your phone or not. This could turn out to be pretty helpful for you, in case you want a break from the Google-centric world.

According to a report, this feature, surprisingly, doesn't seem to be working for everyone. While Microsoft's latest strategy to promote Bing may not sound illegal, but decisions like this might result in pushback from tech enthusiasts. This is certainly happening this time as well as some users were rather left disappointed by Microsoft's decision to promote Bing and said they had to uninstall Outlook from their Android phone to get rid of this new feature. This, perhaps, goes on to show, while Microsoft may have had a good intention of promoting its search engine this way, the practice, however, isn't garnering support from users.

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