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Microsoft Issues 'Final Patch' to Fix a Bug in Windows 7's Last Update

Microsoft Issues 'Final Patch' to Fix a Bug in Windows 7's Last Update

Microsoft had already ended support for the ageing operating system, but had to issue an out of time system patch for the software.

Microsoft had officially ended support for Windows 7 on January 14, but has now also issued a new update for the same. This was apparently done after a bug was reported in its 'final patch'. As per a report by BBC, the earlier final update had led to wallpaper issues for those who configured their computers with the stretch option for the desktop background. This had apparently led to a plain black screen, which was shown each time when the Windows 7 PCs were restarted.

Cyber security expert Graham Cluley took to micro blogging site Twitter to inform about the fix. In a tweet directed to the concerned users, he said, "That didn't take long. Microsoft backs down on 'no more updates for Windows 7' in order to fix stretched wallpaper bug."

The company had stated in the past that it would issue any new fixes only to those who have subscriptions to Microsoft's paid only extended security updates programme. This makes it a limited group as only a select group of enterprise users are part of the Microsoft extended updates programme. However, Windows 7 still remains a popular choice. According to data by StatCounter, one in four Windows users are still running Windows 7.

Keeping in line with patches for bugs introduced during updates, a recent Windows 10 patch, with key number KB4532695, has fixed an issue that came up with the Windows 10 November 2019 update. In the November update, Microsoft had introduced a new quick-search bar to the File Explorer that was basically meant to help users find files on their computer. However, the bug prevented it from working flawlessly. It is only recently that the issue sought the brand’s attention, and has been fixed in the latest patch. For concerned users, the latest Windows 10 patch can be downloaded by going to settings, clicking on Update and Security, selecting Windows Update, and clicking 'download'.