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Microsoft May Segregate Features and Security Patches in Future Windows 10 Updates

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Rather than a single big update, Microsoft will provide features and updates as separate downloads from its store.

Microsoft is reportedly looking for a smarter approach to introducing new updates on Windows 10. According to reports, in a bid to make the update process faster in the future, the tech giant has decided to provide features and security updates as separate downloads from the Microsoft Store, instead of rolling out a single, large update.

This would have clear benefits in terms of how a Windows update is rolled out. Not only would this help Microsoft offer key updates and patches faster, it would also help individuals with limited internet connectivity to download essential updates ahead of optional or cosmetic features. However, it needs to be seen if this creates an imbalance in the way users update their versions of Windows, or if Microsoft figures out a way to push both automatic and downloadable updates in tandem.

Microsoft has been having a torrid few months with Windows updates. The company has ended up issuing broken updates in consecutive months, leading users to complain about the efforts behind the world's most popular PC OS. With streamlining of updates, it remains to be seen if Microsoft manages to get its Windows update track record back on track.

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