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Microsoft Outlook For The Apple iPhone is Set to Get a Bunch of New Features

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The Microsoft Outlook update for iOS will bring features such as Meeting Insights, Suggested Replies and allow users to create an account.

Microsoft Outlook, a popular email and calendar app for the Apple iPhone, is set to get a major update in the coming days. The new update is expected to arrive sometime later this month, and Microsoft has talked about some of the new features that Outlook for iPhone will get. One of the upcoming features in Microsoft Outlook for iPhone users are Meeting Insights. According to the Microsoft blog post, all emails and documents relevant to users' meetings or appointments will be included in the Calendar event description, with the help of Meeting Insights.

Another feature that will come in the next Microsoft Outlook update is Suggested Replies. The feature Suggested Replies will help users instantly reply to some emails by just tapping the suggestions offered by Outlook app. Users would be able to edit their response before sending them. Suggested replies will appear at the bottom of an email above the reply box, very much similar to the suggested replies feature offered by Google's Gmail. According to the blogpost, Suggested Replies feature is only available in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The update will also allow users to create an account on their devices. This is for the first time Outlook account can be created on mobile devices. Users will continue to be able to add iCloud, Yahoo!, and Gmail accounts to the app for emails and calendar.