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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Users Complain of Device Screen Cracking

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Users Complain of Device Screen Cracking

Some users who complained to Microsoft about their device screen cracking without any fault from their end were told that they had to bear the cost of repairs.

Certain owners of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 have reportedly been complaining about the screens of their devices developing cracks without any mistake from their end. In a report, a spokesperson of the brand said that some customers who have had this problem have approached Microsoft. The spokesperson added that the situation is being evaluated and the root cause of the claim is being investigated. Meanwhile, tech writer Barb Bowman in a write up claimed that a user managed to get the 13.5-inch laptop replaced for free by Microsoft.

However, most of the users who are facing this issue are being told by Microsoft representatives that the cracked screens are their responsibility and so they are liable for the cost of its repair. Many Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 users took to Reddit and Microsoft's Answers forums to raise the concern. Majority of users said that the device’s screen cracked up just a few months after they bought it without any fault from their end. Some users have seen cracking along the edges while some have reported that the entire screen has cracked.

A user, Bluehaze013, stated on Reddit that he believes that the issue which pertained to his device could possibly have something to do with Microsoft "removing the gasket between the glass and the metal." Microsoft had launched the Surface Laptop 3 in October last year and had started its shipping in the same month. The device is available in two variants including a 13-inch size and a 15-inch size and comes along with two CPU choices including Intel and AMD.