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Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop 4 Images Leaked, Offers No Change in Design

Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop 4 Images Leaked, Offers No Change in Design

According to reports, the 2021 refresh of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lineups will be rather incremental, but more interestingly, this may be when Microsoft brings the Surface Duo to more markets.

Microsoft is reportedly going to host a quiet product announcement in mid-January next year, which will bring in two new Surface devices — the Surface Laptop 4, and two variants of the Surface Pro 8, of which one is said to feature LTE connectivity. The leak comes courtesy of Korea's certification agency, which recently cleared the three devices for commercial retailing. In terms of overall looks, the devices look exactly how Microsoft's Surface tablets and laptops have looked like across generations. The Surface Laptop 4, seen from above in its black avatar, has its typical squared edges, while the Surface Pro 8 Windows tablet has the slightly angular sides that we've seen in it since forever.

The Surface Pro 8 also appear to retain rather sizeable bezels, which tells us that the redesign on the 2021 Surface Pro and Surface Laptop models won't be a significant rehash. Things are likely going to look pretty much the same, and work the same way as well. A report by Windows Central further claims that mid-January is when the two devices may be launched, and both the devices will feature 11th generation Intel processors with Iris Xe integrated graphics. The Surface Laptop 4, on top of this, is also expected to get AMD configuration SKUs to increase its market appeal.

Alongside this, the Windows Central report also makes an interesting claim — alongside these two new Surface devices, Microsoft may use its mid-January launch to announce the Surface Duo — Microsoft's unique implementation of a dual-screen hybrid computing device, in more markets. This would be particularly more interesting, since the Surface Duo attempts to cater to a novel category, and actually create a niche of its own. The Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, meanwhile, would be iterative features in Microsoft's 2021 device lineup. Alongside this, Microsoft may introduce a black colour variant of the Surface Go 2 as well.

All things said, while Microsoft's Surface Pro and Surface Laptop lineups have been critically acclaimed, they haven't managed to strike the kind of fanfare that other hardware from software giants (such as the Google Pixel) have typically generated. Nevertheless, iterative upgrades are mostly always considered minor ones, and for 2021, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 look set to internal tweaks and not design overhauls.

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