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Microsoft Teams Update Will Now Allow You to Merge Two Active Conference Calls


Last Updated: April 22, 2021, 20:03 IST

Microsoft Teams Update Will Now Allow You to Merge Two Active Conference Calls

The Microsoft Teams update should roll out for all users by the end of April 2021, and for now will remain applicable for only desktop users.

Microsoft Teams has a new update, and brings a vital new feature that allows users to merge two active conference calls. The call merging feature has been in the making, and while it may not be something that you use everyday, it is a fine bit of convenience that you only realise when you are on back to back calls with your in-office teams. The conference call merging feature also makes the Microsoft Teams app more versatile, but the kick right now is that only desktop users will be able to merge two calls.

How call merging will work is that if you are already on an ongoing call on Microsoft Teams, and are getting another private call or a group call to join, you can actually sync the two calls or merge them. This also allows you to directly shift an ongoing private conversation directly into a group call, which can make in-office discussions significantly more seamless. The merge calls feature will work for VoIP calls (or non-video voice calls) as well as dial-in phone system calls made from desktops only, which means that you cannot fuse two ongoing video conferences together.

For now, the feature will remain exclusive to the desktop app of Microsoft Teams, and there is no clear timeline as to when might Teams users on Android and iOS devices also get the merge calls feature. Getting to merge two ongoing conference calls from phone will be a major convenience for those who are working remotely while on the fly, although given that the usage of Teams is more common for static work terminals, it’s understandable that desktop platforms have been prioritised for it.

Going forward, Microsoft Teams is also expected to get the ability to lock meetings – a feature that prime rival Zoom already has. The latter allows users to lock a meeting once all the intended participants are in – therefore making sure that no undue disruptions are made. For the education sector too, such a feature is seen as a vital addition, so going forward, Teams will hope to also be an eligible solution. Given that many regions across the world are witnessing a second wave of Covid-19, such features will yet again become increasingly important.

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