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Missing PUBG Mobile? Check Out These 5 Alternatives That You Can Play Offline Too

Missing PUBG Mobile? Check Out These 5 Alternatives That You Can Play Offline Too

Offline battle royale games not only take less phone memory but as the name suggests, can be played without Internet connectivity. PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite mobile games that were banned in India early September has left quite a void among gamers who are fans of the battle royale gameplay genre. Additionally, three highly popular PUBG Mobile alternatives like Creative Destruction, Cyber Hunter and Rules of Survival are also off-limits in the country, therefore reducing the total number of options players have in terms of battle royale games. Although we had previously covered the available alternatives to PUBG Mobile in India following the ban, there’s still a growing demand among the gaming community for the top battle royale games that can be played offline.

Offline battle royale games are not only relatively less demanding in terms of memory and RAM capacity coupled with other high-end specifications, but they can be played easily without Internet connectivity as well. Some of the battle royale games on this list like ScarFall: The Royale Combat are also developed by Indian developers that are available for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore without any further delay, here’s a list of offline games that offer similar experiences like PUBG Mobile, that you should check out.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat

Scarfall is available for both Android and iOS that can be played in offline as well as online gaming modes. It offers TPS (third-person shooter) and FPS (first-person shooter) gameplay with modern vehicles to roam around quickly and an entire arsenal of weapons to get rid of opponents. Notably, the game has over lakh downloads on the Google Play Store and its developers XSQUADS Tech are based in Surat, Gujarat. In-app purchases on ScarFall starts at Rs. 10 and can go up to Rs. 3,000. Users also have access to a GTA-style minimap in the game to reach the end destination.

PVP Shooting Battle 2020

PVP Shooting Battle also offers online and offline gaming modes although, its graphics are not as splendid as PUBG Mobile. However, there are plenty of maps available, and the game further releases new offline challenges and missions each week to keep you engaged. Users can also buy new weapons or upgrade the old ones with the points collected from missions. Notably, PVP Shooting Battle 2020 takes a meagre space of 88MB, and it is only available for Android devices. It is provided by MaxPlay Games who have other games such as Archery Master and Sniper Assassin Shooting (FPS) in its collection.

Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale

The Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale game looks identical to PUBG Mobile, but it is only available for Android and can be played offline. The mobile game is 133MB in size, and it has over 1 lakh downloads on Google Play Store. Similar to PUBG Mobile, players will jump from a plane when the game starts and land in the battleground where they must look for guns and other gears to ensure survival.

Free survival: fire battlegrounds

The Free survival: fire battlegrounds has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play, and its size adds up to only 34MB. The game runs smoothly on low-end Android smartphones, and it also offers PUBG Mobile Lite-like features. Upon landing on the battleground, players will need to find weapons hidden across the field to get rid of enemies. They can find a variety of guns from modern weaponry categories like machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more. The Free survival: fire battlegrounds has a story mode as well.

Swag Shooter

The Swag Shooter is also developed by the Surat, Gujarat-based XSQUADS Games that is only available for Android devices. The mobile game is 68MB in size and has all the traditional features of a battle royale game. Additionally, players will get special powers like storm survival and enemy detector after unlocking the ‘Swagger’ title. Similar to ScarFall, Swag Shooter offers TPS (third-person shooter) and FPS (first-person shooter) gameplay.

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