Moment Unveils iPhone 12' MagSafe-Compatible Phone Cases, Tripod Mounts and More

iPhone 12 accessories by Moment.

iPhone 12 accessories by Moment.

The new Moment iPhone 12 accessories are available for pre-booking starting today. Apple has also updated its Accessory Design Guidelines to include more details on third-party MagSafe-compatible accessories.

Apple last month introduced the iPhone 12 models with MagSafe technology. Today, notable smartphone camera accessory maker, Moment has unveiled its new line of MagSafe-compatible products that include phones cases, tripod mounts, car vent mount, and so on. Moment, on its website, claims that that the new accessories for the iPhone 12 smartphones uses proprietary magnet array called (M) Force that provides extra connective strength with the MagSafe magnet. The company adds that MagSafe technology would allow users to quickly attach gear to the phone as it is more "accessible" than the current phone clamp solutions.

All the new Moment iPhone 12 accessories are currently available for pre-order via the company website. There is a range of smartphone cases in multiple colour options available for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. With the new Moments cases, users would still be able to attach the MagSafe charger to the back panel to enable wireless charging. All the cases listed on the website are priced at $50 (approx Rs 4,000). The company has also unveiled new MagSafe tripod mounts for the iPhone 12 models that are priced between $20 (approx Rs 1,500) to $50 (Rs 4,000). As expected, the smartphone does not require any clips or clamp to attach to the tripod with the new Moment mounts. There's a car vent mount with MagSafe, available for $22 (approx Rs 1,600).

Meanwhile, Apple today updated its Accessory Design Guidelines to include more details on how third-party accessories makers should implement MagSafe in their products, to be used for iPhone 12 models. According to Apple's updated guidelines, cases for iPhone 12 smartphones should be enclosing the entire device within a maximum thickness of 2.1 millimeters, although Apple recommends that the thickness be 2.0 millimeters. The company also requires MagSafe accessories to use N45SH NdFeB magnets with a 7-13μm NiCuNi coating. It also says that users should be able to remove a MagSafe accessory by applying a force level between 800 and 1,100 gf (gram force).

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