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More Than Just A TV: Samsung Announces New 2018 QLED TV Lineup And More

By: Siddhartha Sharma

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Last Updated: March 08, 2018, 18:03 IST

The Quantum Dot Nano-Crystals also make the life of the panel longer. There is a new Q Engine by samsung that’s used on the new QLED TV.(Image: Siddhartha Sharma/ News18.com)

The Quantum Dot Nano-Crystals also make the life of the panel longer. There is a new Q Engine by samsung that’s used on the new QLED TV.(Image: Siddhartha Sharma/ News18.com)

Samsung’s new QLED TV brings in an intelligent era of televisions in 2018. The new QLED TV features Direct Full Array, Bixby and Ambient Mode for even better picture quality, intuitive control and seamless design.

Samsung has unveiled its 2018 home entertainment lineup at the company’s First Look event in New York. Samsung highlighted details about its flagship QLED TV models and its expanded lineup of UHD, Premium UHD and Ultra-Large Screen TVs. The TV’s will be available in sizes ranging from 65-inches to 88-inches.

“Our 2018 lineup of televisions are truly our most innovative and sophisticated yet, designed for today’s consumer who is mindful of the aesthetics of their space,” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited for consumers to experience our new TV lineup and features that offer more freedom to decide where and how the TV can be best enjoyed within the home.”

Samsung’s 2018 line features new innovations that enrich the lives of consumers by reimagining how TV integrates into the living room, how consumers enjoy their content, and how they interact with their devices. The new QLED TV’s come with better picture quality and deeper blacks than what was experienced before. The QLED TV’s also offer 100% colour volume, which basically means that it accurately is capableof reproducing colours on the panel.

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The Quantum Dot Nano-Crystals also make the life of the panel longer. There is a new Q Engine by samsung that’s used on the new QLED TV. The Q engine promises to make your viewing experience way more immersive than ever. Samsung also introduced a new 8K AI QLED TV called Q9 at the event. The Tv is capable of upscaling content right now. The new range of QLED TV’s will also come with HDR 10+ that’s even backward compatible with HDMI 2.0.

The 2018 Samsung TV line features 9 series across the QLED TV, Premium UHD, UHD and Ultra-Large Screen display range, available in a variety of sizes. Models in the 2018 lineup feature both flat and curved display options.

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Some of the key highlights of the new 2018 QLED TV line up are:

Ambient Mode

Samsung introduces Ambient Mode in its new range of QLED TV’s. The Ambient mode basically provides useful information throughout the day – even when consumers aren’t actively watching movies and TV. It can play music as well as display news headlines, traffic reports, and weather updates. For wall-mounted TVs, Ambient Mode can mimic the pattern on the wall behind the TV to create an astonishing visual effect in which the TV blends seamlessly into the wall. This is something right out of a Sci-Fi movie that you can buy right now.

One Invisible Connection

Samsung also introduced a new One Invisible Connection is one slim cable that combines both consumer’s power and AV data to the TV. Available up to 15 meters, it frees consumers from having to place their TV near data or power outlets. Now this feature for now is just available on the 75-inch Q9F QLED TV by Samsung. We hope to see this technology trickle down in a few years to the affordable range of TV’s by Samsung in the future.

Smart TV, Featuring Bixby

The QLED line’s smart capabilities offer revolutionary ways to set up the TV as well as Effortless Login through the new SmartThings app to drastically reduce the time it takes to set up a new TV. The new Universal Guide enables consumers to navigate across supporting streaming services and live TV through one intuitive menu. And with Samsung’s intelligence platform, Bixby, consumers can use voice commands to bring up their favorite shows and control compatible devices.

Direct Full Array

The Q8F and Q9F QLED TVs promise to deliver stunning images with pristine contrast through Direct Full Array (DFA) technology. Direct Full Array uses a panel with zones of smartly controlled backlighting that adjust automatical to deliver deep blacks and pure whites.

All the new range of QLED TV’s also come with Auto volume control with silence zone detection as well as comfort zone recognition. This provides comfort loudness without volume control and also preserves the dynamic range as much as possible. This basically in simple terms means that you’ll not have to adjust the volume with every changing channel or streaming service. The new range of TV’s also come with Auto equaliser control, this can do Real-time scene analysis and smart audio rendering. Which makes the TV reproduce the optimised sound from various content as well as input modes.

The QLED TV models in the 2018 QLED TV lineup include – Q9F (65”, 75”, 88”), Q8F (55”, 65”, 75”), Q7C (55”, 65”), Q7F (55”, 65”, 75”) and Q6F (49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 82”). The QLED TVs feature enhanced color and contrast, HDR10+ compatibility, Ambient Mode, Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice, One Remote Control and the One Invisible Connection.

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The Premium UHD models in the 2018 Premium UHD TV lineup include NU8500 and NU8000. The Premium UHD TVs include features such as dynamic crystal color, HDR10+ compatibility, clean cable solutions, and Smart TV enhancements with Bixby Voice and One Remote Control.

The UHD models in the 2018 UHD TV lineup include NU7100 (75”, 65”, 55”, 50”, 43”, 40") and NU7300 (65”, 55"). These UHD TVs include features such as 4K UHD and HDR picture capabilities, clean cable solutions, slim design and Smart TV capabilities.

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Samsung also announced that they will be launching their much awaited “The Wall” in August 2018. They showcased a 146-inch modular TV, “The Wall” at the First Look 2018 event here in New York along with also custom options for users who can choose aspect ratios between 16:9, 21:9 and even 1:1. Along with The Wall, Samsung also took the opportunity of showcasing their FRAME TV for 2018 and announced that this year you will see the company come out with the 32-inch variant of the TV as well.

Samsung’s 2018 home entertainment line with regards to QLED and UHD TVs will be available in stores beginning March 2018.

(The author is in New York attending the Samsung First Look 2018 on the invite of Samsung India.)

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