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Moto X: 10 Big Leaks That Make the Upcoming Motorola Flagship Look X-citing


Last Updated: May 12, 2016, 12:30 IST

A leaked image of the upcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola

A leaked image of the upcoming Moto X smartphone from Motorola

The internet is already abuzz with rumours and leaks, hinting at the imminent Moto X (2016) launch. Here are the 10 biggest.

Lenovo, which has its annual technology conference scheduled for June 9, is highly expected to launch the much-rumoured next-generation Moto X smartphone at the event.

While Lenovo, which currently owns Motorola, has not yet disclosed as to what all Moto devices are lined up for launch at the conference, the Chinese tech giant has clearly stated that it will "announce new mobile technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically change the way people think about and use their most personal devices - in a snap."

The internet is already abuzz with rumours and leaks, hinting at the imminent Moto X (2016) launch. We bring you everything that has surfaced so far about the Moto X, which would soon be the new Moto flagship, that could go on to make modular phones more mainstream.

1. Editions: Speculations are rife that Motorola will introduce the new Moto X in two variants - codenamed Vertex and Vector Thin. The former will be a regular edition, while the latter will be the premium one.

If we go by the rumours, the premium edition (i.e. Vector Thin) will be slimmer than the regular Vertex.

According a recent report in VentureBeat, both the phones will have modular backplates, which suggest that users will be able to snap different accessories onto the back of the phones.

2. Look: Famous tipster Evan Blass tweeted images of what is claimed to be the next-gen Moto X. The images first surfaced on the Google+ page of a Hong Kong-based Moto fansite called Hello Moto HK.

The one on the left is reported to be the Vertex and the other the Vector Thin.

Interestingly, the phone in the new leaked images looks exactly like what he had seen in initial leaks [1] [2] back in December last year.

3. Modular design: After LG, which introduced its first modular smartphone this year, now Motorola is expected to go with a modular design for its upcoming Moto X phone. Motorola, however, takes a little different design approach from what we saw in the LG G5.

While Motorola is yet to announce how customisable the design for the Moto X 2016 would be and how they intend to enhance the device's functionalities by opting for a modular design, there are already details online that shed light on the modular concept of the Moto X.

According to the VentureBeat report, the 16 holes on the bottom of the back panel in the photo below are "connection pins that allow modular backplates to be snapped onto either handset."

1-moto-x-leak-110516A leaked image featuring the back panel of the alleged next-gen Moto X.

The report goes on to explain, "Motorola has at least six modules, called 'Amps,' planned for launch, including a simple coloured backplate that ships free with both handsets. The more interesting ones will be, of course, sold separately, both from Moto as well as third-party manufacturers. The first-party modules available at launch allegedly include stereo speakers; a battery pack; a camera grip with flash and optical zoom; a pico projector; and a rugged cover with wide angle lens attachment."

4. Display: If rumours are to be believed, both the phones will come with a 5.5-inch display but with different screen resolutions. The premium model (Vector Thin) will have a Quad HD display, while the standard edition (Vertex) will have a full HD screen. And new leaks suggest that the phone will include a Shattershield AMOLED screen, an 'shatterproof' display tech that Motorola has previously shown off in the Moto X Force.

5. Processor: Coming to the engine, the Vector Thin, reportedly, will come with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipset, while the regular Vertex will have a less-powerful Snapdragon 625 processor.

6. Storage variants: The two variants are rumoured to come with different storage capacities. The Vector Thin is expected to ship with 32 GB of storage (with either 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM), while there is still no clarity on the storage variants of the Vertex. It could either come in 16 GB variant (with 2 GB of RAM) or in 32 GB (with 3 GB of RAM).

7. Camera: According to the leaks, both the variants will have different camera configurations. The Vertex, purportedly, will come with a 16 megapixel sensor with both laser-assisted and phase detection autofocus technologies. The Vector Thin, on the other hand, is believed to have a 13 megapixel sensor with laser AF and optical image stabilisation.

8. Thickness: As previously mentioned, the premium variant will be a tad slimmer than the standard edition. But in terms of numbers, the Vector Thin, reportedly, will have a thickness of 5.2 mm, while the Vertex will be 7 mm thick.

9. Battery: The thick Vertex, resultingly, will have the advantage of accomodating a bigger battery. The regular Vertex, as reports claim, will have a 3500 mAh battery, around 900 mAh more than the 2600 mAh battery in the Vector Thin.

10. Price: The Vector Thin, being a top-of-the-line phone, will be pricier than the Vertex. We expect Lenovo to announce the prices of both the editions at Tech World 2016 on June 9.

It is unlikely that the Moto X will come to India in sync with the global launch of the phone. However, Motorola has an event scheduled for May 17 where it will launch the Moto G (4th Generation) for the world at an event in New Delhi and India, in all likelihod, will be the first country where the phone will go on sale.
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