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Need a Vacation? New WhatsApp Feature Will Help You Avoid Work Messages When on Leave

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WhatsApp has a new beta update that is testing a 'vacation mode' feature, which can mute all notifications from a contact without blocking them.

WhatsApp is an integral part of most of our lives, for both personal and work messages. However, things can get a bit irksome if, for instance, you take a much deserved vacation after months of working (read: being stuck) at home. In such cases, it often becomes too difficult to avoid messages from workplaces, even when you are on leave. To address this very prerogative, WhatsApp is testing a new feature called ‘vacation mode’. With WhatsApp vacation mode, you can specifically deactivate certain conversations, and make sure that you do not receive any notifications from them for a certain period.

To get WhatsApp vacation mode working, users will first need to archive chats that they do not wish to receive notifications from, but do not wish to block either. Once added to the archived chats list, users can then access settings and switch on ‘vacation mode’. So far, chats that are archived remain muted and away from the main WhatsApp inbox for as long as the archived contact does not send a message again, in which case users receive a notification for the chat. With vacation mode turned on, users will no longer receive a notification for an archived chat, and the latter will not pop back into the normal messages inbox even though the message will be received.

Doing this can ensure that you can temporarily mute a conversation by simply adding them to the archived list and subsequently turning on the WhatsApp vacation mode. Once you wish to correspond with the contact again, simply remove the conversation from your archived chats, and you will be able to resume communicating with the person as usual.

While the feature does sound super handy, it is unfortunately only at the beta testing stage for WhatsApp for Android. WhatsApp recently introduced features such as permanently muting a group chat, or disappearing messages – the latter being a feature that would roll out in the near future. With vacation mode being a new possible addition to the app, it is interesting to see the measures that the Facebook owned services is taking to help users cut the clutter in terms of the overall experience.

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