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    Netflix Testing Sleep Timer Feature for Android App, APK Teardown Hints

    Image source: Unsplash

    Image source: Unsplash

    The sleep timer button was spotted during the APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android version 7.82.1. The feature appears to be in its early stages of development.

    Netflix appears to be testing a new feature for its Android app that will allow users to set a sleep timer to stop the video playback automatically after a set time limit. According to XDA Developers, the update appeared during the APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android v7.82.1. The update is built on an existing feature on Netflix where it asks users "Are you still watching?" after it detects inactivity from the user. However, the current feature cannot be controlled manually, and it appears when its AI detects no activity from the user after an unspecified time period.

    The report adds that the code from the APK teardown does not reveal anything beyond, "sleep timer button," therefore its exact functioning or availability remains unclear. It further states that the sleep timer on Netflix is still a long way from rolling out widely as the feature has limited lines of codes at this stage. Moreover, XDA Developers notes that it is likely that the company may not release the feature in the future at all and the latest development is only for testing purpose. Currently, users can set screen timer on smartphones that stops the app after a certain hours of usage. Netflix also lets users disable the autoplay feature to prevent continuous playback of episodes, in case they have fallen asleep or are not paying attention. The report predicts the sleep timer button to be directly available on the Netflix video user interface. The feature would be useful to those Netflix users who often fall asleep while binge-watching shows or during movies with long running time.

    Last month, XDA Developers had spotted another developing feature on Netflix Android that would users to catch shows and movies in a podcast-like format. It essentially allows the video playback when the Netflix app is minimised or when the phone screen is locked. This update is also under development and was spotted during APK teardown of the Netflix app for Android version 7.79.1.

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