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Nikon Z FC Brings New-Gen APS-C Mirrorless Tech in Classic, Retro Style at Rs 84,995

By: Shouvik Das


Last Updated: June 29, 2021, 21:45 IST

Nikon Z FC Brings New-Gen APS-C Mirrorless Tech in Classic, Retro Style at Rs 84,995

The Nikon Z FC seems to offer most essential features you’d expect from a modern, well heeled APS-C mirrorless camera, but the showstopper is its lovely, retro design.

The Nikon Z FC is here, joining Nikon’s expanding list of Z-mount mirrorless cameras. Before any spec talk, it is a gorgeous take by Nikon that harks back to the classic, 35mm film SLR camera design. The Z FC also proves that Fujifilm isn’t the only one in the market that can make convincing retro designs for its cameras paired with cutting edge mirrorless camera tech, and while its primary design fuses a metal alloy and black plastic body, Nikon will also make it available in a total of six colour options some time in the future. In terms of performance, the Nikon Z FC is quite close to what the Nikon Z50 offers – which is pretty decent for beginner photographers and occasional hobbyists.

In terms of its performance, the Nikon Z FC features an APS-C DX format image sensor with 20.9 megapixel resolution, which is exactly the same as what the Z50 offers. The top panel is super interesting – there’s an electronic OLED viewfinder module that is designed in an old school optical pentaprism viewfinder housing design. On either end, it features three physical dials to control shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. Surrounding the shutter speed toggle, there is also a step-wise toggle that lets you select from full manual shooting, aperture priority, shutter speed priority, program and full auto modes. In other words, you can control your essentials of shooting without touching the touchscreen.

The top panel of the camera also has a hot shoe to connect accessories, and there is also a tiny LCD display that shows you the exposure reading – something that you can directly control from compatible lenses. The Nikon Z FC also gets a 209-point hybrid phase detection and contrast autofocus module, which covers 87 percent of the frame. On paper, this bit is somewhat mid-tier, so it remains to be seen how it works out in the real world. The native ISO range goes from 100 to 51200, which is about what you’d expect from it.

While videography isn’t the key focus for the Nikon Z FC, the APS-C camera can shoot at up to 4K 30fps, or full HD at 120fps. The button layout is comparable to the Nikon Z50 as well, but there are key differences in terms of the physical buttons and the touchscreen layout, on overall terms. Connectivity features include USB-C, HDMI, a 3.5mm mic port, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. The vari-angle touchscreen is also about as convenient as general touchscreens go. On overall terms, the Nikon Z FC is a fusion between the Nikon Df and the legendary FM2 – with mainstream, new-age chops.

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    There is a new Z-mount DX 16-50mm lens to go with it as the standard kit lens, and a second, new kit lens in the shape of 28mm f/2.8. The Nikon Z FC body only costs Rs 84,995, while the 16-50mm kit costs Rs 97,995. The 28mm kit, on the other hand, costs Rs 1,05,995. The camera and both the lenses will be available from the last week of July in India, across all usual channels.

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