Nintendo Mobile Games Made $1 Billion in Lifetime Revenue

Nintendo Mobile Games
(Image: Nintendo.com)
(Image altered by News18)

Nintendo Mobile Games (Image: Nintendo.com) (Image altered by News18)

Interestingly, the revenue generated by one Nintendo game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is more than the combined revenue of all other games.

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Japanese game company Nintendo’s lifetime revenue has crossed over $1 billion (approx. Rs 7k crore) from its mobile games for Android and iOS. The six mobile games have brought in a collective revenue of $1 billion, as revealed in a Sensor Tower Store Intelligence blog. Nintendo’s mobile games have also reported a combined 452 million downloads worldwide. According to the data, most of this revenue is generated by Fire Emblem Heroes, a free-to-play game released in 2017. It has earned as much as $656 million, which is the highest among the six Nintendo mobile games.

In fact, the revenue generated by Fire Emblem Heroes is more than the combined revenue of all other games. It is followed by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which has accounted for 12 percent of all-user spending, at $131 million. Third in line is Dragalia Lost, with 11 percent of the revenue, accounting for $123 million.

All the three Mario series games, Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run, and Dr. Mario World, have generated $86 million, $76 million and $4.8 million revenue, respectively. Surprisingly, despite being a promising and interesting game, Super Mario Run has failed to generate higher revenue, mostly because of its single upfront $9.99 purchase.

Nintendo mobile games have mostly been successful in its home market, Japan accounting for 54 percent of its overall mobile game revenue.

However, there seems to be a stark contrast between the revenue generated and downloads share. For example, Super Mario Run has 244 million downloads, but couldn’t cross $76 million in terms of lifetime revenue.


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