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Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2 Review: Expensive As Most Modern Health Tech But You Pay For Extreme Purity

By: Vishal Mathur

Last Updated: May 12, 2021, 11:36 IST

Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2 Review: Expensive As Most Modern Health Tech But You Pay For Extreme Purity

Modern health tech is expensive, that's a fact. You'd spend Rs 9,999 on this steam inhaler. This is the purest steam you’d have ever breathed into your lungs.

I never thought there would be a time in my professional life when something otherwise as rudimentary as a steam inhaler would become smart enough to warrant a review. After all, they’ve always been basic and something a nearby chemist would have abundant stock of. And never did any of the well-known health and wellness brands ever really figure. No surprise, I have often had indoor air purifiers clock up the fan speed and warn of high air pollution levels a few minutes after using some of these steamers. Bad quality plastic? Unclean water being used? After all, you’re inhaling and pushing this steam deep into your lungs. Now you don’t need to bother, if you decide that the Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2, priced at Rs 9,999 is worth your time and money. Steam inhalation also has a significant role in prevention and if you’re unlucky, COVID treatment too.

The thing about the Mypurmist 2 is that it isn’t just any steam inhaler with a tank in which you fill water, dip the heating element and then take precautions to not get scaled by the boiling water. This is as sophisticated as things come. The US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has classified this as a Class 1 medical device. So has Health Canada department of the Government of Canada. The FDA’s definition of Class 1 medical devices says, “not intended for use in supporting or sustaining life or of substantial importance in preventing impairment to human health, and they may not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury.” And it is the latter part of the sentence that bears maximum weightage. This is one of those rare steamers that don’t present a risk of warm water spilling over. The way it is designed, the way the heating works, the way the steam is generated and the way you even refill the Mypurmist 2 ticks off the health and safety aspects to the fullest. And at no point do you interface with the water in the refill packs or the steamer itself, which ensures that the purity isn’t compromised.

Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2 steam inhaler

Setting up the Mypurmist 2 requires a bit of attention, but it is more about you appreciating the attention to detail more than anything else. First up, there is a very handy protective pouch that is large enough to hold the steamer, the soft mask, the water refills and the power adapter. That protects this from dust as well, another of those unseen and underrated airborne polluting evils. The steamer itself is single piece, and you don’t have to dismantle it or reattach things together at any point. All you need to put in is the soft mask before you start the steam session—and this is removable which means you can wash this regularly and even have different masks for each family member. On the spine curve, you’d notice a tiny window, which is your visual gateway to the water tank that the Mypurmist 2 holds within itself. And above that is a blue colour port, which has to be opened to fill the water. And you don’t just open this to randomly fill water. That’s where the Mypurmist Ultrapure sterile water refills come into the picture. The Mypurmist 2 comes with 8 of these, and you need to buy more later (pack of 20 refills is priced at Rs 799). You’ll need to twist the lid off the bottle and slot it into the blue colour refill port with minimal force and press the refill bottle to completely empty it inside the tank. Remember, the sterile water refills will be a recurring cost, depending on how often you use this.

Specifically on the point of these Ultrapure sterile water refills, Nirvana Being says that these are refills filled with sterile water that are free from virus, bacteria, allergens and any other water borne pollutants. This is what you’ll breathe in. The bundled pack of 8 sterile water refills should last you as many as 40 sessions—assuming each session is up to 15 minutes and you’re doing this routine twice a day. If you use this lesser, these will last you longer. In my experience, the sterile water refill each lasts around 100 minutes of steam inhalation before you need to refill the tank. Specifically for the steaming experience, the Mypurmist 2 also makes significantly less noise—both of the water and the heating element that other steamers have, which is great if you have ear trouble. From my personal experience, my father and myself both struggle with a persistent condition called tinnitus—any spike in ambient noise worsens the high-pitched sound in our ears. That’s why, we have stayed away from steam devices for months now, because they make noise, and that too at really close quarters. You have the temperature dial at the front that allows you to set the steam temperature anywhere between 38 degrees to 46 degrees, significantly less than the unnecessary boiling point that most basic steamers reach. With the Mypurmist 2, there is no chance of the water splashing out or even scalding hot drops emerging right on your face. The steam also emerges in a very controlled manner and you will barely waste any steam. How your body and the respiratory system reacts to steam will differ from what I felt, for instance, but there is that definite sense of things opening up as you breathe, which indicates blockage otherwise sitting there in the nasal passageways, is being loosened.

Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2 steam inhaler

The attention to detail is perhaps best testified by the little HEPA air purifier that is built into the Mypurmist 2. Basically, when you are breathing in steam, you’re supposed to take deep breaths. That means pulling in more ambient air into your lungs. The Mypurmist 2, near where your face sits, has an air purifier that throws out filtered air which you’ll immediately breathe in. Also, once your steam session is done, you shouldn’t be immediately turning off the power supply to the Mypurmist 2. There is a built-in self-cleaning and drying feature which kicks in to work when you switch off the Mypurmist 2 from the power button on the steamer itself—and leave the power from the mains switched on. You can faintly hear the mechanism working after which it shuts off. This is to prevent moisture from staying in the airway from which the steam emerges.

Nirvana Being also bundles 6 sessions of eucalyptus and peppermint aromatherapy, but to be fair, I won’t be able to comment on that since it’s something none of us at home use. But the very idea of sterile water for a steamer comes across as well thought out, even if there is a recurring cost attached to it. After all, you wouldn’t want to inject steam derived from unclean and impure water into your lungs.

The Last Word: Good Things Cost Money, And That Doesn’t Change

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. This is one really smart steam inhaler that takes care to ensure the water and the air that you inhale is pristine pure. The design is such that you have no risk from warm water, unlike other basic and not very well thought through steamers. All that being said, there is no getting away from the fact that the Nirvana Being Mypurmist 2 (available on nirvanabeing.com) does cost the sort of money that you wouldn’t otherwise imagine spending on a steam inhaler. But if you are someone who has persistent throat and nasal issues, are susceptible to seasonal viral infections or simply struggle with dry nose and throat, a high-quality steamer is what you need. And it really doesn’t get any smarter, cleaner or purer than the Mypurmist 2. As with most new age and high-tech healthcare gadgets, this also costs a bit of money. And it eventually comes down to how much you are willing to spend on the finger things that may have a bearing on your long-term health. No matter what, you’ll look at the price tag more than once.

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