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Niti Aayog Launches DigiBoxx Cloud Storage for Users, Offers 5TB Space for Rs 30 Per Month

Niti Aayog Launches DigiBoxx Cloud Storage for Users, Offers 5TB Space for Rs 30 Per Month

Launched by Niti Aayog as an aatmanirbhar service, DigiBoxx offers features such as Gmail integration and 100GB single file sizes for individual users, as well as 500 collaborators, file share expiry dates and more for enterprises.

Niti Aayog has launched its own cloud storage, sharing and collaboration platform, DigiBoxx. The service was announced by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant earlier today, and aims to offer both users and companies a made in India, ‘aatmanirbhar’ cloud storage and file sharing platform. The service is also priced competitively, including one free tier with 20GB cloud storage, a second tier for individuals and freelancers priced at Rs 30 per month with 5TB cloud storage, one tier for small and medium businesses at Rs 999 per month with up to 50TB storage, and a final tier for enterprises with unlimited data storage with varied pricing.

The DigiBoxx cloud storage service will initially be available on web platforms and Android, and Niti Aayog states that the iOS app for it is coming soon. DigiBoxx claims to also offer SSL file encryption, along with features such as integration with Gmail and real-time multi-user file collaboration, among other features. For the free tier, users can simply sign up with their mobile number and email address, and get access to 20GB of cloud storage space. The free tier also allows multiple ‘external’ collaborators, which should mean that users without DigiBoxx accounts will also get to access files shared with them via the platform. In the free tier, the max size per file will be limited to 2GB, while Gmail integration and real-time file collaboration will be coming to the service soon.

For Rs 30 per month or Rs 360 per year, individual users will get access to up to 5TB storage space and 100GB per file size cap, with other features remaining the same with the free tier. For SMBs, registrations for the DigiBoxx service will be valid for up to 500 collaborators and unlimited external users, along with 50TB max storage allocation. Other features would also include advanced real-time collaboration, web document previews, automated account backups to the platform, user management dashboard, and also have the ability to assign expiry dates to files. DigiBoxx is also offering custom cloud storage plans to larger enterprises, with requirement for over 500 users, configurable total storage size, no per-file size cap, optional platform training and more.

Reports indicate that there are teething issues with the service, such as waiting times in generating OTPs while registering for the cloud storage platform. The interface closely resembles that of Dropbox, and with a competitive pricing structure, it remains to be seen if DigiBoxx manages to achieve wide usage adoption among individuals and enterprises alike.

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