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Now That We Know The New Apple iPhones Launch On October 13, Is This What We Can We Expect?

iPhone 12 Launch event. (Image Credit: Apple)

iPhone 12 Launch event. (Image Credit: Apple)

Apple might bring a 5.4-inch screen model of the iPhone 12, which will probably be called the iPhone 12 Mini.

It is official now. The next line-up of Apple iPhones arrives on October 13. Apple has confirmed the date by sending out press invites for what will be a virtual launch, as expected. The iPhone 12 series will be launched at a virtual event at 10:30PM IST on October 13. Apple held an event last month as well, for the new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, the new iPad and the iPad Air devices. It was a significant change from the normal routine, which otherwise has Apple announcing the new iPhones in September every year. Due to the COVID pandemic, things are different this year, and instead, the iPhone updates arrive a month later than usual. Apple had also said over the summer that the iPhone 12 "will be delayed by a few weeks."

Now that we have an official launch date, let us look back at what all we know about the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Cobbling together all the reports that have surfaced about the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 series, we think we know quite a bit about the expected iPhone 12 line-up. Since the Apple iPhone is arguably the most anticipated smartphone launch every year, there has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming device too, mind you though, not all of it is true. From the price, to the design, to the specifications, everything has been "leaked" about the upcoming iPhone 12. Here's all we know.

iPhone 12 to Have Four Variants?

One of the most prominent belief has remained to be the fact that Apple might bring four iPhone variants this year. The four different variants are said to come in various sizes. Apple is expected to launch an iPhone 12 Mini (5.4-inch screen), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch screen), and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch screen). Incidentally, the 6.7-inch display, if it happens, will be the largest ever in an iPhone.

iPhone 12 to be Cheaper Than the iPhone 11?

Another update that has gained significant attention is the iPhone 12 price. The iPhone 12 is said to start at a cheaper price than last year's iPhone 11. Now, this also factors in the reports of Apple bringing a fourth "Mini" variant of the iPhone 12. According to reports, the iPhone 12 range may start from $649 (Rs. 47,586 by direct conversion) for the iPhone 12 Mini, as opposed to the $699 (Rs. 51,400 by direct conversion) starting price of the iPhone 11 last year. The report last week hinted at the prices of all the four variants of the iPhone 12. It said that the iPhone 12 Pro Max could cost up to $1,399 (Rs. 1,02,890 by direct conversion).

iPhone 12 to Come With a New Design?

It has been reported that Apple will give its iPhone 12 range a much-awaited redesign. The company is said to be giving the new iPhone a more iPhone 4-like design with flatter sides instead of the curved design language the company has been since the iPhone 6 series.

iPhone 12 in Two New Colours?

Late last month, there were reports of the new iPhone coming in two new colour schemes. Analysts were quoted as saying then that the new iPhone 12 series might come in new Navy Blue and Red colours. While a different coloured iPhone is not something new, last month's report had said that the may bring the the Navy and Red colours to its flagship models this year.

iPhone 12 May Come Without a Power Adapter?

Apple is not shipping a power adapter with its new Apple Watch and iPad variants launched in September. The announcement from Apple during its September 15 event came after a lot of speculation about the company skipping the adapter for the iPhone 12, in order to reduce the usage of plastic, and save the environment (money). Now, it is being said that Apple may do the same with iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Rumoured Specifications

Apple's new, A14 Bionic processor, along with iOS 14, are the two features of the iPhone 12 series that are certain. Now, while iPhones have never been specifically rated for RAM amounts, the iPhone 12 Pro Max may come with up to 6GB of memory, rumours have suggested. Storage options are slated to range between 128GB and 512GB. In terms of cameras, the overall configuration is expected to remain similar to what the iPhone 11 range brought to the table. As a result, the iPhone 12 is said to get dual-camera units, while the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are expected to get triple camera units. Alongside these units, all variants of the iPhone 12 lineup are expected to get depth-sensing Lidar sensors to add new augmented reality features to the new iPhones. Apple, much like Google, is also expected to upgrade its computational photography performance, wit reports suggesting up to 4K video recording at 120/240fps for smooth, high resolution slow motion videos.