OnePlus 8 Pro First Sale Went Live 30 Minutes Before Schedule, Leaving its Fans Angry

OnePlus 8 Pro First Sale Went Live 30 Minutes Before Schedule, Leaving its Fans Angry

The OnePlus 8 Pro was scheduled to go up for a limited-stock flash sale at 12PM today.

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  • Last Updated: June 15, 2020, 2:10 PM IST
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The OnePlus 8 Pro had its first sale on Amazon India and its own online store earlier today. As per the brand’s announcement, the OnePlus 8 Pro sale was scheduled to begin at 12PM, and limited stocks were already announced due to the prevalent conditions. However, many users seem to have been left disappointed after the sale went live about 30 minutes ahead of schedule, as a result of which stocks for certain variants appeared to run out within seconds of the clock striking 12PM. This has caused considerable furore on Twitter, with many people blaming OnePlus for “bad customer experience” and calling the move “not fair”.

So far, it appears that the OnePlus 8 Pro sale went live early only on Amazon India, and it is not clear if the same happened on OnePlus India’s official site as well. Many have complained on OnePlus India’s official Twitter account, stating that while the product showed available for delivery to their preferred PIN code initially, attempting to purchase the product showed that it was undeliverable to these PIN codes. As per Twitter posts, many of these areas appear to be in metropolitan cities such as Delhi. These users have further asked OnePlus for a clarification on their sale going live early, thereby giving certain buyers an “unfair” advantage in terms of the time at hand in buying the new smartphone.

OnePlus India is yet to issue a statement on the matter, as to why might the sale have actually begun before its scheduled time. According to many, users who added the OnePlus 8 Pro to their wish list on Amazon India were notified in advance, hence being able to buy it in time. Amazon has announced that certain areas may remain difficult to be ordered to, due to restrictions in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

OnePlus India is yet to announce the next sale date of the OnePlus 8 Pro. If you are still keen on buying the phone, you can choose to get notified by either Amazon India or OnePlus itself. Next time, you can even prepare yourself in case of any coincidental before-time launch.

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