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OnePlus 8 Pro Users Are Reportedly Facing 'Crushed Black' and 'Green Tint' Display Issues

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Image for Representation.

According to some OnePlus users, while the company recently rolled out updates to fix the issue, the problem continues to persist.

All does not seem rosy ever since OnePlus launched its latest smartphones - OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. While the smartphones have earned praise from all and sundry, some users are now complaining that they are facing "crushed" blacks and or a "green tint" display issues on their OnePlus 8 Pro devices. While OnePlus, towards the end of April, rolled out OxygenOS 10.5.5 and OxygenOS 10.5.6 updates to fix the issue, many users have claimed that the display issues are still lingering.

One Reddit OnePlus community user by the name "OcuQuest1409" has pointed out that the company has acknowledged that the "black crush" issue is a hardware problem and the company is also allowing affected users to either send the phones for a repair, replacement and even replace it with a new device. Interestingly, two other OnePlus users in the thread also confirmed that they have either got refunds or replaced their devices due to the display issue. However, OnePlus is yet to issue an official statement, and therefore, it is still not clear, on whether or not the company has launched a replacement or a refund policy on the aforementioned issue. Having said that, if the rumours prove to be true, then it is safe to assume, that the current "black crush" issue is a serious one and can't be solved with a software update.

Notably, last week, One Plus unveiled five of the most in-demand ideas, shared by OnePlus users through "IDEAS", an initiative it launched a couple of months back. The Chinese phone maker has decided to add the five new features on OxygenOS following the customer feedback.