OnePlus Installs Fast Charging Stations at Bengaluru Airport, Coming Soon to Delhi Airport As Well

OnePlus Installs Fast Charging Stations at Bengaluru Airport, Coming Soon to Delhi Airport As Well

OnePlus is also rolling out a new feature namely, Nearby Charging Stations that will alert OnePlus users every time they are near a charging station.

OnePlus has announced that the company is adding fast charging stations at airports in India. Currently, Warp Charge 30 fast-charging stations are available at the Bengaluru airport and will soon be launched at Delhi airport as well. Additionally, the company will add a new feature namely, Nearby Charging Stations to help OnePlus smartphone users to locate the charging spot near them. The company says that the feature is tailor-made for Indian users, and OnePlus smartphone will get notifications every time users are near a charging station at an airport.

The development was shared by the company on the OnePlus Forum. OnePlus explains, "While in 2020, we have been deprived of our bucket list and places to go, but we will be travelling normally soon. This means lots of taxis and plane rides. While we use our phone for everything, ranging from tickets, checking in, booking cabs, and even the music on the plane, our phones could use some charging." The Chinese smartphone maker adds that the charging stations at the airports will integrate beacons to send notifications about the nearby charging docks. The beacons will also be useful for users in case of the company installs charging station across other points in a city.

The Nearby Charging Stations feature that will rollout with an OxygenOS update, can also be muted. Users with OnePlus 6 series, OnePlus 7 series, OnePlus 8 series and OnePlus Nord series smartphones will receive the Nearby Charging Stations feature soon. The company says users can mute the notifications for six hours in case of they are stuck at an airport due to a delayed flight. As mentioned, charging stations are currently available at the Bengaluru airport, and the company may add more stations apart from Delhi airport. Recently, OnePlus also launched the OnePlus Education Benefits programme that includes exclusive discounts and "perks" for college students and faculty members in India. With the education benefit voucher, college students and teachers can avail Rs 1,000 off on any OnePlus smartphone.

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