OnePlus Messages App Now Available to Download via Google Play Store

OnePlus Messages listed on Google Play Store.

OnePlus Messages listed on Google Play Store.

In its effort to push faster updates, OnePlus has now released the OnePlus Messages app on Google Play Store.

OnePlus is releasing its stock apps on the Google Play Store, in order to push faster updates. The company recently released its OnePlus Weather and OnePlus Notes apps on the Play Store, which gave users a hint of the new OxygenOS 11 design. Now, the company is rolling out its OnePlus Messages app on the Play Store, but there's a catch. You can't install the app as of yet. The app can only be located on the Play Store currently, but in the future, users will be able to receive updates via the Play Store directly, instead of waiting for the OTA OxygenOS update. The OnePlus messages app has been launched as an early access program, and won't work with non-OnePlus smartphones. According to the Play Store listing, it is being released on the Play Store with a couple of changes.

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OnePlus Messages listed on Google Play Store.
OnePlus Messages listed on Google Play Store.[/caption]

The listing mentions the OnePlus Messages app will come with a new button that'll allow users to copy-past one-time passwords (OTPs) from the notification with just a tap. Along with that, OnePlus Messages also has a new card format, that will display information in a neat card that's easy to glance at. These cards are ideal especially for information on transactional messages.

Further, the listing also mentions the app's ability to sort messages in an organised manner as a new feature. For instance, messages with OTPs, transactions, and promotions will be shown at the top in different categories. However, this is not a new feature on the OnePlus Messages app. OnePlus Messages has been able to sort messages according to the category for quite a while now.

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