OnePlus Watch May Launch Next Year After Complications With Production

OnePlus Watch May Launch Next Year After Complications With Production

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus Watch would feature a round-watch dial. OnePlus's first smartwatch is also expected to launch in India.

OnePlus during the launch of the OnePlus 8T earlier this month had confirmed the development of the OnePlus Watch. Although the company did not share launch details of its first smartwatch, a tipster had indicated its arrival in October this year. Now, the same tipster, Max J on Voice states that OnePlus has postponed the launch of the OnePlus Watch without any new date but may release next year. The tipster adds that the delay is likely due to "complications with the production or software development."

OnePlus is also yet to share more details about the OnePlus Watch; however, a promotional poster on Twitter had confirmed its round-shape dial. The company earlier this month had stated that the smartwatch would come in a "matter of time," but the exact date of launch was not specified. Last month, the OnePlus Watch bagged certification from the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) indicating its arrival in India as well. According to its IMDA certification, the smartwatch is expected to come with the model number W301GB. With the launch of its first smartwatch, OnePlus will expand its ecosystem that includes smartphones, earphones, and smart TV models. It would be interesting to see what platform the company will stick to, especially since Google WearOS continues to play catch up with Apple and Samsung. OnePlus's sibling Oppo (both owned by BBK Electronics) uses Google WearOS on the Oppo Watch that was launched in India in July.

OnePlus has been working on a smartwatch since 2015 and a couple of years ago the company had plans of launching one. However, the OnePlus Watch project was scrapped as the company felt it wasn't the right time to launch such a product in the market. During that time, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had said that a number of major OEMs have already released various products in a variety of markets, and adding one more would not help in strengthening OnePlus’ lineup of products.

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