PacTris Smartphone App Tells You How Much Shopping Fits in Your Car’s Boot

PacTris Smartphone App Tells You How Much Shopping Fits in Your Car’s Boot

The app currently works with Mercedes vehicles, and is available for Android and iOS.


Vishal Mathur

Ever wondered if your shopping will fit in the boot of your car? Probably you have, but soon you won’t need to. If you have a Mercedes Benz vehicle, that is. PacTris, a Daimler AG startup has a smartphone app on demo at the London Tech Week, and this is rather unique in a way.

The PacTris app can let you calculate well in advance the size and the dimensions of the packages you may be buying and would need to carry back home in your car. Depending on which vehicle you select, it has to be a Mercedes Benz mind you, the app will tell you virtually fit those boxes in the boot of the car. At every step, you will be able to see the virtual packaging suggestions, as well as how much boot capacity is in use and how much remains free.

There are multiple methods by which you can add this data to the app. Either you scan the product barcode and hope that the information for that product is a part of the app’s database. Alternatively, you could select larger themes such as “wooden boxes” and enter the general dimensions manually. Whether it is large packages, crates of beer cans or cartons of water, the manual addition of packages adds a lot of flexibility.

This can be a rather interesting digital loading companion to have for your shopping trips. PacTris says this is currently available only for select Mercedes car models at the moment, including the commercially positioned ones, but should be available for all their cars in the next few months. The PacTris app is available for Android and iOS.

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