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Philips Headphones (TAA4216) Review: 5 Things To Know About These Headphones Worth Rs 8,999

Philips Wireless headphones TAA4216 can work with Android phones, Apple iPhones, and Windows PCs.

Philips Wireless headphones TAA4216 can work with Android phones, Apple iPhones, and Windows PCs.

Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) review: If you aren't a fan of in-ear earphones, here's what you need to know about these Philips headphones that come with an MRP of Rs 8,999.

Over-ear headphones may not be as common as they once used to be, but some customers still prefer this style of audio product. Many audio manufacturers have been aggressively pushing their TWS earbuds in the market, as they are easy to carry and visually look more comfortable. If you aren’t blessed with big ears like me, over-ear headphones seem like a good option, and one such product that you can check is the Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) that promise a whopping 35 hours of battery. The headphones also come with an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance but lack popular audio features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

There are some other nifty features too, which we’ll talk about ahead. The Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) come with an MRP of Rs 8,999, but commerce platforms like TataCliq for Rs 4,695 – at the time of writing this review. The platform is also offering a discount to HDFC Bank customers, so do keep that in mind. In case you’re planning to buy wireless headphones at this price, here are five things you need to remember.

Packaging: Before we get to the sound and battery, it is crucial to note the contents that the packaging includes. Since the MRP is set at Rs 8,999, it is natural for customers to have high expectations. Unfortunately, the Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) only include some paper-work and a tiny USB-A to USB-C charging cable. At this point, the company could’ve at least included a water-resistant carry case or pouch since the headphones are designed to be used during workout.

Design: The Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) look like most wireless headphones in the market with a plastic finish. The headband features a soft rubber material that comfortably rests on the crown – the topmost part of the skull. The design is sturdy, and the earcups are foldable to help you fit the headphones in your bag. Both cups have the Philips branding, but sadly, we only get a single black colour finish. Since the headphones are designed for sportspersons, the breathable ear cups are detachable for easy cleaning. That means users can wash the earcups after a sweaty workout session – a good feature for hygiene-conscious customers.

Philips Wireless Headphones (TAA4216) weigh 6.7 grams. (Image: Abhik Sengupta/ News18)

Another good addition is that the Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) come with a USB-C port for charging, tucked inside a dedicated chamber covered with a rubber seal. It essentially removes the hassle of carrying an extra wire. There are in-line controls to control music and manage volume. You can also activate the voice assistant by long-pressing the power button.

Fit: Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) won’t disappoint in terms of fit. I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews that I prefer over-ear headphones as I am not blessed with big ears. Therefore, wearing in-ear earphones with silicone tips usually end up hurting the concha region. The Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) also come with an adjustable headband, and customers can adjust the size of the band as per the shape of the skull. This is particularly useful if you wear them during workouts. Additionally, the breathable cups ensure a comfortable fit for long hours.

Philips Wireless Headphones (TAA4216) are available in single Black finish. (Image: Abhik Sengupta/ News18)

However, the obvious drawback would be wearing the headphones while resting in bed. If you prefer lying side-ways, it won’t be a comfortable fit.

Sound: The Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) come with standard 40mm audio drivers and support Bluetooth codecs such as A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP. Customers can use them with Android phones, iPhones, Windows PCs, and even TVs as long as the device supports Bluetooth connectivity.

In terms of sound quality, the Philips headphones are decently loud with heavy emphasis on bass. The bass levels are quite punchy and fortunately, it does not distort the overall sound clarity. To put it simply, the audio quality is balanced with heavy emphasis on low and mid frequencies. Audio with high frequencies could be a problem as they sound flat. For reference, I listened to Doja Cat and Kings of Leon’s essential albums on Apple Music, and the sound was mostly pleasant. The pop beats and the heavy bass from these two albums were punchy and deep. However, artists known for high vocal range will sound average.

Philips Wireless Headphones (TAA4216) have in-line controls for music, volume, and virtual assistant. (Image: Abhik Sengupta/ News18)

Customers must also note that there’s no app support to tweak settings, a major setback for wireless headphones in this price range. To be fair, most wireless headphones in this range lack this feature so audio brands need to desperately address this in 2022.

Battery: The Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) promise 35 hours of listening as there’s no support for premium features like Active Noise Cancellation. In that case, the battery backup is superb, and you’ll manage to get 30 hours of battery with volume levels at 50-75 percent. As mentioned, the addition of a USB-C port is useful as it cuts the hassle of carrying a micro-USB cable.

Philips Wireless Headphones (TAA4216) come with adjustable headband and folding cups. (Image: Abhik Sengupta/ News18)

Verdict: Overall, the Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) are slightly better than most headphones in terms of sound and battery – in this range. The audio output is mostly balanced with heavy emphasis on bass. If you are not a fan of in-ear earphones, the Philips Wireless headphones (TAA4216) remain a good option at around Rs 4,500. However, if the headphones are available for over Rs 5,000, I’d say it’s better to look at options such as the Sony WH-CH710N headphones that promise ANC, same 35-hours battery backup, and AUX support

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first published:May 06, 2022, 13:50 IST