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PlayStation VR 2 Incoming? New PS5 VR May Get 4K Displays, Haptic Controls, Eye Tracking

PlayStation VR 2 Incoming? New PS5 VR May Get 4K Displays, Haptic Controls, Eye Tracking

The Sony PlayStation VR 2 is expected to offer significant improvements to the VR gaming experience by offering foveated rendering – something that can make a big impact.

The second generation of the Sony PlayStation VR is expected to launch some time soon. With an increasing number of reports tipping the existing of PlayStation VR 2 (also called the PS5 VR, according to some), a new report has now shed light on a number of features that the future Sony virtual reality gaming headset may come with. The list of new features sound quite exciting, and include 4K displays, the new generation foveated rendering technology in the headsets, haptic feedback in its controls, eye tracking, integrated cameras in the headset and a single connecting wire to the PS5 console.

According to the report, the PlayStation VR 2 will feature a total viewing area of 4,000 x 2,040 pixels, which splits up to offer 2,000 x 2,040 pixels for each eye. The Upload VR report claims that even though in terms of resolution, the PS5 VR will rank below a number of other commercially available VR headsets right now, Sony may have a trick up its sleeve to offer equivalent or better visual quality with the upcoming headset. This includes foveated rendering, which Sony may use to emulate the way the human eye works, and in turn, manage resources and resolution better for superior visual quality.

How this may work is by combining with the eye tracking technology that is also expected to be available on the PS5 VR, which will track eyeballs to keep only a target area in focus, thereby improving the focus area visual quality, while blurring out peripheral visual areas to manage resources better. Upload VR suggests that Sony may use this in tandem with supersampling the area of focus to further improve visual quality of the headset, which does seem like a pretty plausible solution. The PlayStation VR 2 is also tipped to feature Tobii eye tracking on it, which has become a gold standard of sorts among VR headsets and gaming laptops offering eye tracking.

Other features include a haptic feedback design that should be a certainty in the new hand controllers of PS5 VR, given that the new generation PlayStation DualSense controllers already feature it. These will be augmented by cameras integrated into the headset, which will apparently help Sony offer better eye and hand controller tracking – all for superior spatial utilisation in VR games. Finally, this may also make way for just a single USB-C cable tethering the headset to the PS5 console when in use, instead of multiple connections for power, game bandwidth and camera tracking.


All of this is, of course, somewhat speculative, but it does sound like a new generation effort from the Sony PlayStation team. Before this comes about, though, PS5 enthusiasts around the world will hope to see Sony take corrective measures and offer better console stock in the market – something that has been consistently plaguing the company since the new generation console was launched.

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