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PUBG Addiction: Restricted From Playing the Game, 17-Year Old From Haryana Commits Suicide

PUBG turns fatal

PUBG turns fatal

Another case has been reported where a 17-year old hung himself to death after he was scolded for playing too much PUBG.

In yet another bizarre case, a 17-year old youth from Jind, Haryana hung himself and committed suicide. The reason- his mother shouted at him for playing PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) and took away his mobile phone.

According to a report, the teenager had given up on studies after he completed 10th grade about a year ago. He used to spend most of time playing the popular battle royal game, PUBG Mobile. The boy’s father, who is a policeman, said that he often used to scold his son for not studying further and wasting his time playing PUBG. "I was on duty on Saturday evening when my wife found him playing PUBG in his room and snatched his mobile phone. She found him hanging in the room the next morning," said the father.

We have heard of multiple reports of youngsters getting a bit too engrossed in playing PUBG. The game is highly addictive and earlier this year various cities in the state of Gujarat had imposed a ban on the game for a certain time period as it was having an adverse effect on students’ education.

After a series of deaths due to PUBG, psychiatrists have warned about the harmful effects of digital addiction, which could be as dangerous as drug addiction. In addition, psychiatrists also outlined the practical ways to fight the urge to use gadgets among children and adults.

This warning came in the news after a 16-year-old student from Madhya Pradesh was reported dead after suffering a major cardiac arrest which was a result of his unstoppable PUBG addiction.