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PUBG Announces New 'Karakin' Map, Coming to Season 6

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

Karakin, a new map will be the newest addition to PUBG available on PC and consoles with the upcoming season 6.

PUBG Corp. officially announced the next season of PUBG for PC and console which is coming later this month. The biggest addition is going to be a brand new map called Karakin which is a small 2x2 km island off the Northern coast of Africa. It will be limited to 64 players and will feature a new "Black Zone." Similar to the red zone, it will incur much more damage changing the entire terrain and damage buildings to force players out of hiding. So much for camping!

The new season will also introduce a new C4 sticky bomb. Players can strategically plant this bomb at certain breach points to catch the enemy by surprise. Also, a two-man glider will also be added which was earlier released in a beta update. The motor glider will become the first flying vehicle in PUBG. Both of these additions are going to be limited to the new Karakin map itself.

A new pass will also be added with the next season called ‘Survivor Pass.’ It will be free a battle pass progression system that will focus on community set of challenges and allow players to unlock in-game rewards and history of Kakarin.

Season 6 of PUBG along with the above-mentioned updates, will be available on PC starting 22 January and consoles from 30 January. The new content is available for early access on the test server for players on PC. For the entire list of features, you can get all the info on PUBG’s official website.