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PUBG Free Download with Street Fighter V on Sony PlayStation Plus September List

PUBG Free Download with Street Fighter V on Sony PlayStation Plus September List

PUBG, or Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, will be available for free for all Sony PS Plus subscribers, alongside Street Fighter V.

PUBG is Sony’s big free game for September, in its list of free games offered for the company’s PlayStation Plus subscribers. Announced on the monthly PlayStation blog by Sony, the company’s senior manager for game services, Adam Michel, has announced that the two free games offered through September on PS Plus will include Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Street Fighter V. Both the titles will be available for PS Plus subscribers to download from tomorrow, September 1 to Monday, October 5. Sony’s big bonanza for September appears to be fighting games, and both PUBG and Street Fighter V will offer gamers two very different fighting styles to rage through the month with.

PUBG barely needs an introduction in today’s world, reaching peak, viral popularity thanks to the smartphone rendition of the game. PUBG is often credited with single handedly spawning the battle royale gameplay genre, wherein a stipulated number of players are placed on a terrain, where the objective is to be the last man standing. The virally addictive gameplay style has since seen PUBG balloon up to incorporate aspects such as five unique maps with intricately designed terrain, strategic points on each map and a wide assortment of PUBG weapons that can both increase and decrease your chances of winning a round of PUBG.

Street Fighter, on the other hand, is a legendary title in the 1v1 combat genre of fighting games. The latest version of the brawl meets martial arts combat skill game offers updated graphics and visuals, and lets gamers focus purely on their character based combat abilities, without focusing on superheroes with bizarre powers. Alongside offering Street Fighter V for free, Michel has further announced that Sony will be hosting a PS4 tournament for the game as well, which will include cash prize and other goodies. Unfortunately, the tournaments are only reserved for players in USA and Canada regions.

Sony PS Plus, or PlayStation Plus, is a monthly ritual that has offered a list of free games for all subscribers each month. After scrapping free titles from being offered to the older generation PlayStation 3, Sony right now offers two PS4 games each month for all subscribers. Post the launch of the Sony PS5, it will be interesting to see if Sony continues the same pricing model for PS Plus, or at least continues to offer PS4 games on the list for the foreseeable future.