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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update to Arrive on May 7: Here's Everything We Know So Far

By: Kunal Khullar

Last Updated: May 04, 2020, 13:24 IST

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update to Arrive on May 7: Here's Everything We Know So Far

PUBG Mobile update 0.18.0 is going to drop this week and here is a lowdown of everything that you can expect from the popular mobile game.

The next big PUBG Mobile update is just days away and with the growing excitement details of some of the upcoming features have been confirmed. Now if you remember we recently reported about a bunch of leaked features, including a revamp of the desert map Miramar, expected to arrive in the next update. According to a social media post by PUBG Mobile, a bunch of those leaked features are indeed true and will be arriving with the new update. The new update will be arriving on May 7.


The desert map of Miramar is going to get wild thanks to some new additions and changes as confirmed by the post. From various leaks that we have seen, we know that there will be various areas on the map that will have abandoned parts of a race track. You can take your vehicles for a spin through the remains which include some ramps and pathways. There are also some new areas on the map including a new water town that could be called Oasis. Then there is a new city and a Ruins area on the map for you to explore as well.

While this isn't confirmed, based on the recent beta update, the entire map will be covered with a sandstorm so visibility would be limited. There will also be certain areas on the map that will have heavy sandstorms where visibility is going to be extremely limited, so much so that it would be difficult to see enemies sitting in the next room. There will be special loot crates in these storms. This special mode does look impressive and will require a lot of power so this mode should work best on high-end phones. The map is also getting new vending machines that would dispense consumables including energy drinks and painkillers.


We’ve seen the leaks in the past, and the PC version of PUBG has already got this feature. The Winchester or the Win94 will be getting a built-in scope with the upcoming update. This will be a 2.7x scope making the gun a bit more versatile allowing players to use it as a mid-range sniper.


This is definitely going to be everyone's favorite SMG (submachine gun). The P90 can take up to 50 bullets in a single clip and seems to offer a higher bullet rate to kill enemies faster. It takes 9mm ammo but seems to have a limited range. As for attachments, this gun will support muzzles, sights, and foregrips. Sadly, the gun is going to make a debut in Arena Mode, so there is no clarity if it will make its way to the Classic Mode.


A new attachment called the Canted Sight is also going to be added. This will be an additional scope for your gun that will be available at all times. With the hit of a button, you will be able to toggle between your primary scope and the canted sight which is going to be similar to the red dot.


The Mirado is one of the best vehicles on the map, and if you are lucky, you could drive a golden version with the new update. We are hoping that the new update also increases the spawns of the Mirado as most of the vehicles on Miramar are quite useless.


Smaller changes expected to arrive with the new update includes the option of auto equipping scopes to your guns, new and improved bullet marks, and the ability to copy your control layout from FPP to TPP and vice versa. Again these features haven’t been confirmed by PUBG Mobile as of yet.

What has been confirmed is the addition of new results screen UI which means that you might get a better-looking scorecard. There is also the mention of a ‘Cheer Park’ which is going to be similar to the recent Amusement Park mode on Erangel, where after some tough matches you can hang out with your friends to play games.

first published:May 04, 2020, 11:27 IST
last updated:May 04, 2020, 13:24 IST