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PUBG Mobile New Erangel Map Set to Arrive With Latest Update on September 8

PUBG Mobile New Erangel

PUBG Mobile New Erangel

PUBG Mobile is going to get a bunch of new additions next week including the new Erangel 2.0 map update.

PUBG Mobile is set to receive a massive update on September 8 that is set to bring in a variety of changes to the popular battle royale game. Apart from the user interface and graphics overhaul, we predicted that the new update should bring the new Erangle 2.0 map update, and PUBG Mobile has now officially confirmed the same.

Making the announcement on its social media platforms, PUBG Mobile has confirmed that ‘New Erangel’ arrives on September 8. This is the same date when the new PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is supposed to roll out. Along with the new map announcement, the post also gives info on a new community event. “The Dawn of a New Era” will give players a chance to win 30,000 UC in the game.


PUBG Mobile 1.0 is expected to bring notable graphics updates to the popular game. These include improvements to your character model, as well as upgraded in-game graphics and environment. This means you will get better-looking textures all around the game with improved lighting, as well as various elements like particles, smoke, air blasts, muzzle flashes, and scope interactions. The parachute drop is going to be updated and will now see the character rolling on the floor rather than just dropping. There will also be improvements in shading quality and light transmission effects. The new update also brings a new user interface which means that all the menus are once again going to go through an overhaul and players can expect a new interactive lobby as well as improved system animations. Expect Ultra-HD graphics to be enabled with the new update as well. As for the new Erangel map, we are expecting a brand new look with enhanced visuals and various other aesthetic changes.

The Dawn of a New Era competition, as mentioned above, will allow players to win 30,000 UC. Here’s how to enter:

There will be three different categories for all of you to showcase your past experiences on Erangel

The three categories are:

-Favorite Chicken Dinner memory (Screenshot of Clip)

-Favorite screenshot on Erangel

-Favorite Erangel video clip

These screenshots and clips can be of anything on Erangel. An awesome play you made, a scenic photo, or just you and your squadmates hanging out on Erangel. To submit your clips and images, you have to post them in a public post on either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #PUBGMErangel. There will be three winners for each category:

1st Place - $100 UC

2nd Place - $50 UC

3rd Place - $25 UC

The first-place winners will also have their clips or images showcased on the official PUBG MOBILE Twitter account.