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PUBG Mobile 2 Launch May Happen This Week, 'Futuristic' Gameplay Details Tipped


Last Updated: February 24, 2021, 16:39 IST

Fan render of a PUBG Mobile 2 poster, not to be mistaken as an official image. (Illustration: AFK Gaming)

Fan render of a PUBG Mobile 2 poster, not to be mistaken as an official image. (Illustration: AFK Gaming)

PUBG Mobile 2 is said to be a sequel to the original PUBG Mobile game, and will reportedly be based in 2051 with futuristic combat weapons, maps and drones.

PUBG Mobile 2 is reportedly set to launch globally by the end of this week. The game will be a clear sequel to the original PUBG Mobile game, which pioneered the battle royale format for mobile games. According to information on the game tipped on Twitter, PUBG Mobile 2 may keep the base format of battle royale gameplay intact, but overhaul the entire game to come in a futuristic setting – specifically based in the year 2051. The game would feature completely new maps, futuristic combat weapon options, drones to aid battles in the game, various “gadgets” as part of the core gameplay, and other such futuristic elements that will suit a fictional projection of the year 2051.

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PUBG Mobile 2 gameplay details

From information that’s available so far, PUBG Mobile 2 all of the above mentioned features, and more intricate details about the game will only be unveiled once the actual launch takes place. PUBG Mobile 2 will apparently be a futuristic take on the original PUBG Mobile, and has been developed in-house by holding company Krafton, by the team that initially built PUBG Lite. The game may also bring changes to the core gameplay setup in ways not yet revealed, so the question of PUBG Mobile getting a story mode alongside the iconic battle royale format cannot be entirely ruled out.

PUBG Mobile was known for its elaborate character settings, power-ups in the game for characters, a wide variety of weapon customisations and so on. General expectations suggest that PUBG Mobile 2 will expand further on the entire ecosystem set by the game so far, which may see the introduction of more in-game characters. The game is also said to be eligible for launch on both iOS and Android.

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Will PUBG Mobile 2 launch in India?

As of now, nothing can really be said about the launch of PUBG Mobile 2 in India. The Indian central government banned PUBG Mobile in September 2020, and has since not sanctioned a potential return of PUBG Mobile India, even after the company underwent a restructure to sever ties from Chinese distributor Tencent Gaming, and come under the blanket umbrella of Korean company, Krafton. PUBG also set up an India subsidiary, PUBG India, fuelling hopes of gamers about a potential relaunch.

Given that PUBG Mobile 2 will be an entirely new game, it is not entirely impossible for PUBG Mobile 2 to launch in India. However, given that the PUBG Mobile name will be firmly associated with the game, it cannot be said for sure if the game may be able to launch without gaining a prior, express consent from the Indian government, ahead of launching in the country.

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