PUBG Mobile Addiction: Mohali Teenager Spends Rs 2 Lakh From Grandfather’s Pension Account

PUBG Mobile Addiction: Mohali Teenager Spends Rs 2 Lakh From Grandfather’s Pension Account

This is the second case from Punjab in a matter of a few days where PUBG Mobile addiction has forced a teenager to steal money.

In yet another incident, a teenager from Mohali, Punjab has reportedly spent over Rs 2 lakh on PUBG Mobile to buy in-game items. The 15-year old boy had only recently started playing the game in the month of January. He apparently learned how to make online payments via his grandfather's account from a senior at school and used to spend a lot of time on the game. This comes days after a similar case happened in Punjab itself where a 17-year old stole money from his farther's bank account and had secretly spent Rs 16 lakh on the battle royale game.

According to a report, the teenager's uncle who runs a shop in Chandigarh, came to know about this on Friday when he checked the statement of the boy’s grandfather’s bank account. The 15-year-old used to make payment through a PayTM account, which was made on his grandfather’s name using his personal documents and confessed that he had spent more than Rs 2 lakh on the game. Some of the amount was paid to his school senior from Zirakpur, to purchase in-game currency called UC to buy skins for guns, vehicles, leveling up, and more. “We came to know that he had also purchased a special SIM card for the game. Earlier, when we used to find some cash missing from our wallets, we did not pay much heed to the boy,” said his uncle.

The boy's family is said to have lodged a complaint against the school senior who introduced him to these corrupt methods. An email has also been sent to Mohali SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal claiming that the boy was lured by the senior to indulge in such activities.

Gaming addiction is said to have increased ever since the Covid-19 lockdown took over the world. Rather than involving themselves in physical group activities, kids are resorting to solitary activities like gaming which is leading to obsessions and mental fatigue.

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