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PUBG Mobile Addiction: Teenage Mother Seeks Divorce to Live With Her PUBG Partner in Gujarat

PUBG Addiction: Teenage mother seeks divorce to live with PUBG partner

PUBG Addiction: Teenage mother seeks divorce to live with PUBG partner

The PUBG addict married woman played the popular multiplayer online game PUBG Mobile with her partner on a constant basis and wanted to live with her partner.

  • Last Updated: May 18, 2019, 11:41 AM IST
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A PUBG player in Gujarat recently called the state's Abhayam 181 helpline seeking a divorce from her husband, in order to be with her 'gaming' partner. According to a senior counselor, "The girl got married to a building contractor when she completed 18 years of age and had soon given birth to a girl child. She got hooked to PUBG a few months ago and started spending hours playing the game. During this period, she came in contact with a city-based youth who was also a regular PUBG player."

Narendrasinh Gohi, Project head of Abhayam 181 helpline told Indian Express that daily the helpline received about 550 calls on an average. Out of which “around 90 had to be addressed by a team of counsellors that visited their homes”.

Gohi also added that this was first of its kind. Usually, mothers would call complaining about children addicted to PUBG. “She was further offered to stay at a rehabilitation centre in Ahmedabad. However, she refused because it did not allow the use of mobile phones,” said Sonal Sagathiya, the counseller in charge.

Recently, a young woman in the UAE had also sought divorce from her husband, after he reportedly attempted to ban her from playing the popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile. According to Gulf News, Director of the Social Centre at Ajman Police, Captain Wafa Khalil Al Hosani told the publication that they recently received a bizarre case, where a woman in her 20s wanted to divorce her husband over not being allowed to play PUBG Mobile. The husband noticed his wife’s increasing addiction to the game, and decided to stop her from playing, so she could focus on the family.

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