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PUBG Mobile Banned: Is Call of Duty Mobile Your Best Bet

By: Kunal Khullar


Last Updated: September 03, 2020, 18:55 IST

PUBG Mobile Banned: Is Call of Duty Mobile Your Best Bet

With the recent ban of PUBG Mobile across the country, Activision's Call of Duty Mobile could potentially gain a massive userbase from India.

PUBG Mobile is facing a nationwide ban after it was listed as one of 118 Chinese apps in order by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology yesterday. Being one of the most popular mobile games in the country, the decision taken by the government to ban the game on the grounds of national security and integrity has led to an uproar among fans as well as professional and semi-professional players. Notably, the game has received criticism in the past for being a negative influence on the minds of youngsters.

One of the biggest potential gainers due to the ban could be Call of Duty Mobile. While the mobile adaptation of the popular PC/console game doesn’t have enough users in the country, it is considered to be a bigger name in the industry. While COD Mobile attempts to bring all the action of the original series, it also includes a battle royale mode of 100 players. There are also multiple other permanent and limited period game modes like Prop Hunt, Rapid Fire, Sticks, and Stones 2v2, Capture the Flag, One Shot One Kill, Snipers Only, and Gun Game, among others.

It is also noteworthy that COD is primarily an Activision property a well-known US-based video game publisher. The mobile adaptation of the game, however, is developed in association with TiMi Studios which is a subsidiary of Tencent. Yup, the same Tencent that has a big hand in the development of PUBG Mobile.

There have been reports of Activision parting ways with Tencent due to ongoing tension between the US and China, although there is no confirmation of the same. The news came around the same time when the Trump administration targetted Tencent by announcing restrictions on popular messaging app WeChat, which incidentally is also banned in India. Although we believe that COD Mobile should be safe for now, its connection with Tencent could lead to unprecedented issues in the future. For now, Call of Duty Mobile is your best bet if you want to move from PUBG Mobile. There are also a bunch of other games that you can try out that we recently listed over here.