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PUBG Mobile Death Race Mode: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Image: Infinity Gaming

Image: Infinity Gaming

PUBG Mobile update 0.16.0 could bring in a brand new Death Race mode.

According to various videos posted on YouTube, yet again a new game mode will be added to PUBG Mobile. Update 0.16.0 could see the arrival of ‘Death Race’ which seems to take inspiration from the popular movie franchise of the same name.

Certain players have managed to get an early hands-on the upcoming mode via 0.16.0 beta version of PUBG Mobile. Which means that the next update could see the arrival of the new game mode. It should also align with the ongoing season theme, Fury of the Wasteland, you know with all the Mad Max styled weaponized vehicles. It could go on to be called ‘Derby Mode’ when it officially launches for all players.

Now while we haven’t actually tried the new mode, we have seen a bunch of videos and tried to analyse the gameplay.

Death race or derby mode will let you drive cars around a small race course plotted on Miramar. The objective is simple, destroy the enemy cars. You will be able to select the UAZ, Dacia or the Buggy, all of which have different heavy-duty weapons mounted including rockets and M134 miniguns. Players will also get guns to shoot from the car itself. A bunch of crates will also spread across the course loaded with weapons and car repair kits. The twist here is that players cannot get out of the car. By the looks of it, there are two teams just like Team Deathmatch, however each only two people can be in a car and there are a total of three cars per team which means that up to six players can form a team. This makes it the first time PUBG Mobile is allowing more than four players on a squad.

Now the mode is still in beta, and while there is a high chance that it will be launched with the next update, we can’t be completely sure. Having said that, the Derby or Death Race mode is definitely something new and could be a nice addition to the game.