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PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About Weapon Grips

PUBG Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About Weapon Grips

A quick lesson in how to use the various grips to improve shooting accuracy on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile might look like a bunch of people dropping on an island to just shoot around, but there is so much more to it. You need to have a strategy as to where you can land and how to move ahead, choosing the right weapons, and most importantly, choosing the right attachments for your guns. You might find a great landing spot, find the right guns, or even have the best shooting skills. But using the right set of attachments along with your guns definitely gives you an advantage over your opponents.

Gun attachments include sights, grips, magazines, muzzles and stock. While some players simply ignore them, others are unaware of these attachments actually help in improving your shooting skills. Today we are going to talk about grips which can be attached with various guns to improve your accuracy. Of course you can’t just slap and grip onto your SMG (submachine gun) or AR (assault rifle) gun. You need to understand how a particular grip works. The main function of a grip is to reduce recoil, you know the jolts that you get after shooting a round of bullet which completely ruins your aim? So let’s understand all of them:

The Vertical Grip

The vertical grip is great to reduce vertical recoil. This means that you should attach this grip with the M762 or the Tommy Gun. It is also the only grip that can be attached to the Tommy Gun. As we mentioned, this is great to control vertical recoil, but doesn’t help all that much when it comes to horizontal recoil, making it slightly less useful in the game.

Half Grip

The half grip might seem a bit useless, but it’s a great attachment when you need something that helps in recoil recovery. It doesn’t drastically help in reducing recoil on any weapon, so it is better to use it with weapons that are fairly stable. You should try using the half grip on the AUG A3, UMP9 and the Vector.

Thumb Grip

Apart from offering weapon stability, and reducing the time taken to open a scope or ADS (Aim Down Sight), the thumb grip can also reduce some amount of recoil. While most players find the vertical grip better, this one is not to be ignored, especially if you are using scoped guns.

Angled Grip

The angled grip works great for SMG and AR weapons. This can significantly help in reducing horizontal recoil when in steady state. This one also offers good ADS speed, similar to the thumb grip. One thing to note is that the angles grip doesn’t offer a lot of weapon steadiness.

Light Grip

Great for when using guns in single shot mode, the light grip can increase accuracy tremendously especially when using the UMP9 or the Vector. While it does offer great weapon stability, it isn’t the best when it comes to recoil. So make sure you don’t have this grip on your gun when you are engaging in short range combat.

If you are wondering which grip is compatible with a particular gun, here is a quick table: