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PUBG Mobile: Here are Top Five Features Added With Season 8

PUBG Mobile: Here are Top Five Features Added With Season 8

Here are our five favorite additions to the new season and update of PUBG Mobile.

Season 8 of PUBG Mobile is out and brings a whole lot of features to the game. Apart from the new Royal Pass, the new season includes a range of new content ranging from a new theme, new costumes, skins, and so on. But there are a few additions that actually bring a new aspect to the game and today we are listing down our favorite ones from season 8.

HDR Mode

Visuals are an important factor when you are hunting enemies and the new season, rather the new 0.13.5 update brings an update to the HDR mode. While HDR was already available in the game, players can now use this setting along with extreme graphics settings. This will deliver better visual details and smoother gameplay experience, but of course, you need to have a supported device to experience this mode. HDR or High Dynamic Range helps in improving details in shadow and highlight areas thereby bringing a brighter experience.

Rating Protection Card

Afraid that you are going to lose a match and will have to face a drop in rank? The newly added Rating Protection card is here to help. As the name suggests, this new card helps players from rating deductions. So when users are trying to push their ranks, they can now maintain their ratings especially during the higher and tougher tiers. There will be no drop in rating while the card is active and players need to activate the card before every match. There is also a limitation as it can only be used till the Crown tier or below. So it is advisable to reach Crown I tier and then enable this card.

PP-19 Bizon

A new sub-machine gun has been added to the armoury. The new PP-16 Bizon not only looks cool but is also offers the largest magazine on an SMG. The gun doesn’t support any magazine or lower rail attachments due to its unique helical magazine. It is however fairly stable while shooting with low recoil without a grip. The gun takes 9mm ammo and is pretty good for close range battle.

Tier Transfer

For the ones who are new to the game and are still getting the hang of the battle royale game, the new update now brings a change to the Tier transfer rules. From Season 8, tiers below Gold (Bronze and Silver) will be transferred to the next season without any changes. This means that players who are on the Silver or Bronze tiers can maintain their position as they move into the new season.

FPP in Team Deathmatch

Personally, we are not a huge fan of the team deathmatch mode simply because it is still a bit unstable and laden with synching issues. But the good thing is that you can now play this mode in first-person perspective. This brings a better experience and shooting accuracy for players who are used to playing in FPP.